Smart Vehicle: 7 Progressive Options of Modern Cars


Today, the car is the most popular means of transportation, whether it’s a simple movement around the city or a great road trip. With the development of technological advances and reducing production costs, the rich equipment of the car has become the norm. Drivers dictate new trends, thus car manufacturers are doing everything to facilitate driving by introducing new innovative options.

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Auto-folding mirrors with backlighting


Many years ago, it was an exclusive option from Mercedes-Benz, but now this option is provided on all types of cars: from Nissan Maxima to Kia Forte. This is not just an elegant light show – the lamp at the bottom of the mirrors illuminates the ground around the front doors, so you can see the door handle and walk safely to the car.

An additional advantage of the automatically folding mirrors is the fact of the automatic transmission, thus you don’t need to go around the car every time to fold the passenger mirror endangering yourself on a busy street. Also, auto-folding mirrors guarantee their protection against cutting off by trucks passing by.

Heated headlights

Daniel's Satin Black Switchback Headlights

(photo by FlyRyde)

Do you remember Volvo models with constantly breaking wipers on headlamps? In theory, it was a great idea, but in practice it didn’t succeed. The reason is simple – the snow and ice on the headlamps didn’t allow the wipers to do their work effectively.

Now imagine a heated headlights, the design of which is so simple that you will be surprised by the fact that nobody has implemented this development before. All that is required for such a solution is a special hole in the headlamp through which heat is supplied from the engine, so that snow and ice quickly melt. Of course, the headlight must be made of heat-resistant plastic, and the electrical components should be protected from heat exposure.

Car panoramic camera

Reverse camera

This is one of the most useful features on modern cars, the presence of which makes driving much easier and safer. Despite the fact that the cameras have just reached a high level of distribution in cars, the awareness of the fact that you are insured against accidental damage to the bumper on the curb in front of the car makes you feel more confident. If you add to this parking sensors and good graphics, then this device becomes almost the most popular option among drivers.

Parking assistant

Parking lot

Most drivers prefer to park their cars by themselves, and don’t trusting this process to electronic assistants. At the same time, the number of car owners who want to confidently and safely place their car in the right place with parallel parking, especially in cramped conditions, is growing rapidly.

The parking assistant option is not standard for modern cars, but the fact how much damaged bumpers we see every day allows us to understand the prospects of this development. This technology is not as expensive as it used to be. Probably in five years will be a standard option for all new cars.

Car keyless entry system

Bosch offers to get rid of car keys and replace them with a smartphone

(photo by Ajewole Timmy)

Keyless access is another increasingly popular and certainly useful option that should be standard for all cars. The option, which once considered to be an element of luxury and intended only for top-tier cars, today can be often found in middle-class models. This small and practical invention has almost taken the place of the standard option, and it should be introduced in all cars in the nearest future.

Car seat storage boxes

New Car - 2013 Dodge Dart SXT/Rallye

(photo by ajrinal2011)

Boxes for personal belongings in the seats are the easiest and most efficient way to use the interior space of the car. American car manufacturers Dodge and Jeep especially succeeded in this direction by providing the design of the seats with the most efficient use of free space.

Thanks to the pull-out type of boxes, including the option of closing with a key, they are convenient to use, roomy and great for storing valuable belongings. This option is not so difficult and expensive, but reliably protects personal possessions from rolling during the drive.

Self-adjusting laser headlights

Mazda Hazumi

(photo by Mazda Österreich)

This technology has already been tested and approved by European manufacturers. Indicators of the effectiveness of laser illumination surpass traditional analogues by 10 times. Then what’s holding us back from the mass use of this unique technology?

According to a recent Car and Driver report, such major safety testing agencies as NHTSA and IIHS will take into account the performance of headlights in their overall ratings of new cars and award the best ones. But while the outdated rules are in effect, and the production of laser headlights is too expensive, we will have to wait some time to see this futuristic technology in mass use.