TOP 9 FREE Apps to Train Your Brain Anywhere


Improve your mental abilities, attention, perception, and thinking speed, and do it with pleasure. How? You know, it’s never too late to learn. Train your mental abilities everywhere! In each and every situation you can find something to think about. Every life situation makes you think. There are many exercises you should do every day in order to boost your brain activity. Do you think it is really boring and time-taking? It is, if only you don’t use modern apps on your phone. Let’s think. You can use apps even on the go when you are driving. Are you surprised? With the help of your smartphone you can not only find out that Enterprise car rental in DCA airport will be the best for you.

Also, you can download many interesting apps and use them for training. This is a unique opportunity to do some exercises for your brain by using your phone, not books. It must be very comfortable and interesting. Forget the word STUDY. It looks like you are playing games. But first…

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Balance Logic and Emotions

Have problems? Do you feel hopeless solving them? It doesn’t matter what kind of problem you have, family troubles or financial hole. You can easily find the best solution if you balance your emotions and logic. How can you do that? Ask your brain and apply irrational thinking. Try to make a list of pluses and minuses about the situation you are in. To train your brain you should try such popular apps as:

Word mix game


This is one of the most popular smartphone apps that you are offered to get for your Android or iOS. It’s free. Here you can find more than 40 interesting games, professionally developed by neurobiologists, teaches, and game experts. All these games are designed to improve your cognitive functioning. It’s a kind of training. You pick the program and play different games according to your opportunities. All these memory games are predicted to develop your short-time memory, attention, fast thinking, language, coordination, creativeness, emotional control. There is an in-built helper, so-called Coach, so that you haven’t problems with the application.


This app is good for Android and iOS. It can boast with more than 35 exiting games and individual approach. What does it mean? You pick a training program according to your experience and skills. Don’t make it too easy or too hard. All games are specially created by the world experts to improve your language skills, focusing, perception, memory. Do you want to see the results? Be ready to take exercises at least three times a week.

Soccer math game


Traditionally, the app was developed by talented experts, experienced designers and scientists, to train your brain FOR FREE. Bright and simple games are good for critical thinking, memory, attention, fast and flexible thinking. You can find more than 40 games and you will never get bored. Where to start? It is better to take a special test to estimate your brain abilities and get a detailed program for the future improvement. Also, the program informs you about all latest study works on one or another topic.


Clockwork Training for Android and iOS boost your memory, attention, logics, speaking art. You are offered to play one of 20 really funny puzzle-games. Start from simple to complicated, earn points and badges to unblock new and new games. Also, you can watch your progress and change playing modes to be factually correct.

Colorful Game Board on a White Background


Do you want to get something more than just a game? This app is for you. You have a chance not only play intellectual games, but read original articles and watch videos. This must be a good supplement. Share your results with your friends through social media.


Have any problems with your attention, memory, speaking? You can train your brain every day with a help of 3 informative games. Make sure that 3 games are enough for self-improvement. Of course, you can watch your progress and get an objective mark of your work by taking tests.


This is one more effective method to beef up your knowledge. TED Talks combines thousands of games for Android and iOS. Pick them for your training, considering your mood and telephone technical characteristics. Share your results with friends.

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No doubts, a new vocabulary builder will help you to sound like a wise man. The vocabulary builder app was created by Magoosh experts. You can find the right word, definition, examples. This is the best app to be well prepared for the language test.


What is the best method to boost your brain? There is nothing more effective for your brain that math training. You can use a free app King of Math to help yourself with composing, diminution, playing logic games. Ready? You are a funny farmer and you have to get level up by giving right answers for game questions. You have 10 levels up!

The list is not full. You can add your favorite app to this list and get more opportunities to boost your brain when you need it. With the help of apps you can spend every free minute with use. Play games when sitting in the cafe, standing line, or using city transport.