7 Tips for Designing Your Startup’s Home Office


If you’re a remote employee, your home office is the room that definitely needs a specific mojo. It has to encourage productivity and creativity. After all, how else could you expect to be as productive as if you were operating from a real office? But designing your home office isn’t an easy task. And in case you’re looking for help, here are seven tips for designing your dream home office.

Allow enough space

Most people imagine home offices as tiny. While it’s true you don’t need as much space as you’d need if you were operating from a real office, it’s still a good idea to allow enough space to work comfortably. This means you should leave enough space for you to stand up, sit behind your desk and move from side to side. More often than not, it’s even better to sacrifice storage to allow enough space to move around. If clients will be stopping by, having enough space for an extra seating option is a must.

Give yourself a view

No matter what kind of work you do, you should have something more interesting than a blank wall to stare at when you’re not looking at your screen. Some people are afraid that a window with a view will distract them from their work, but studies have shown that a view of the street actually encourages creativity. With that said, try to position your workstation or chair right next to a window. In case you’re working in a windowless space, hanging a nice piece of art above your desk can also do the trick.

Take control of your technology

Working from home usually includes using a lot of technology. While most devices available have been specifically designed to help you get more work done, if you fail to tame your technology, your productivity will suffer. Try to get rid of any wires by getting a Wi-Fi router and wireless mouse. Attach any wires you’re left with to the underside of your desk. If there are any gadgets you don’t use on a daily basis, make sure you keep them in a drawer rather than have them lie on your desk.

Keep your files in order

There’s no doubt your office will be full of files and documents once you start operating from your home. And the more clutter there is on your desk, the more difficult will you find it to concentrate on your work. Therefore, you should do everything you can to keep your office neat and well-organized. Quickly check outWinc stationery and you’ll find everything you need from folders to suspension files. Once there are too many files and folders in your home office, think about labeling your drawers for easier document access.

Choose the right accessories

Another great thing about operating from a home office is that you can choose the type of accessories you’ll use. If you want to go for a more “homey” look, opt for accessories that match the style of your home. Also, go for comfy accessories that’ll make you feel relaxed such as a pretty mug instead of a pencil holder or your little ones’ artwork hung on your wall. If you want to get more work done and give your career a boost, consider framing your favourite inspirational quotes and hanging them on the wall.

Decorate with greenery

Adding greenery to your home office is a wonderful idea. There are so many potted plants that can add colour and style to your office. Moreover, just a single plant will help you keep the air inside your office fresh which only helps you be more productive. If you have noisy neighbors, plants can also help you keep your home office quiet. If you feel like you don’t have enough time to ensure your plants keep going for more than a week, opt for something resilient such as cactus, snake plant, or bamboo palm.

Add scent

Studies have shown that scents can help relieve stress and avoid procrastination, making them a perfect option for your home office. If you’re not sure which scents to go for, try lavender and jasmine as they’re known to give great natural boosts. The good news is, there are all sorts of ways you can make your home office smell nice. For example, you can get scented candles for your desk or buy an air purifier that adds scent to the room. Aromatherapy might just be the trick you needed to get yourself perform even better.

Over to you

If you’re investing money and effort into designing your home office, it’s important that you do it right. Have these seven tips in mind and you should be able to create the home office you’ve always dreamed of. A well-designed home office will inspire you to give your career a boost and increase your income.