Crowd-investing site launches to connect Nigerian startups to micro-investors

733, a crowd-investing platform that bridges the gap between business fundraising and micro-investments for users has launched in Nigeria.

According to Latii Brayllot, Slourish’s founder & CEO, the site aims to be a place where people go to support their favourite brands and participate in the development stage or invest in businesses.

“Slourish simplifies fundraising for Nigerian businesses. It basically eliminates the hurdles associated with finding an angel investor or venture capitalist and giving up a large chunk of your equity especially at the pre-seed stage,” he said.

Braylott assures users that with Slourish, an entrepreneur can basically start raising funds for his/her startup in about 48 hours without much paperwork and procedures.

The community-based platform is targeting to sign up thousands of entrepreneurs, micro-investors and others looking to earn, manage or grow their money through the numerous investment programs available on the platform. The site also allows members to collaborate, share ideas and stay updated on the progress of the startups/businesses.