Yusudi raises $250K to grow its personalized online learning platform, Jijali


Yusudi, a Nairobi-based social enterprise focused on developing youth through interactive, practical, and personalized life skill training has raised $250K in grant capital from Global Giving in partnership with Impact Assets and Blue Haven Initiative to design its personalized blended online learning platform, Jijali.

Jijali, a three-months programme with the aim of challenging learners to stand out in the 21st century market by training them in competitive skill such as problem solving, pro-activeness and self-learning via machine learning.

The program offers innovative minds between the ages of 18 to 30 years an opportunity to receive online training on career-start or entrepreneurship depending on their career goals.

With the funding, Yusudi aims to produce publicly available research at the close of the pilot.

According to a Blue Haven representative, “With a surge in the number of education to employment and skill development entities emerging across East Africa, we believe there’s a need for improved transparency and supporting evidence on what factors define an effective demand-driven skills training program.”

Yusudi adds that traditional skills development programs focus on teaching the masses. They only provide content, design tests and evaluations for the average learner, ignoring the individual strengths and weaknesses of its students.

“In the 21st Century, the youth no longer want to wait for an average training curriculum. Youth want to learn in their own way, ensuring content is relevant to them,” the company said in a statement.