Mobility as one of the main assets of CMMS


Mobility is one of the main assets of CMMS, Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management, whose mobile application is one of the new vectors. Digitizing maintenance depends on many media: tablets, smartphones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and now through mobile applications, dedicated to CMMS. Access anytime and anywhere to the organization’s data is very important to be effective. With the increased accessibility of online software, but also the lightening of certain application versions, which are designed now directly for PDAs, CMMS becomes a daily tool, which can be used at any time and especially from anywhere. Mobile applications and new technologies, in a more general way, are therefore possible to provide new and more effective responses to businesses.

The purpose of CMMS

The main goal of CMMS is to make care more smooth, efficient and more instant, even natural. Also, the simplicity of use can only develop its use. The CMMS mobile application perfectly fulfills this goal. Problems in this field are important: operational efficiency, standardization of practices, planning, but also economies of scale. At present, maintenance cannot be understood without appropriate computer solutions and software. The next challenge lies in the mobile nature of various treatment solutions.

New technology must be in maintenance services. Various connected devices make it possible to have access to various services: geolocation, taking pictures, access to corporate mailboxes … And what’s more, the penetration of new technology in the company is very good.

Also, the complete web becomes unavoidable in terms of CMMS. At present, one must be able to access software from any terminal, via the internet. Previously, as part of a conventional client / server architecture, CMMS software was installed on dedicated client computers and networks. These stations are then responsible for sending requests to the server, where the database is implemented. Thanks to the complete web, no more installation is needed, to access the CMMS software, all you need is a compatible terminal, internet, and access to software. Such solutions not only save space (all of which can be hosted directly on the software solution publisher), but also increase productivity. In terms of updating, for example, there is no need to update each terminal through certain interventions, but this intervention can be done on the server. Because no application is actually installed on the terminal, the deployment of the proposed solution is facilitated and only faster.

Through internet access, it is possible for providers or technicians to update the database, but also to consult a detailed history of interventions, or see a description of the surrounding equipment very easily. Optimizing maintenance costs and the maintenance process goes in this direction. The aim is always to reduce engine downtime or production lines; to avoid the unexpected. Optimizing costs also means managing capital assets as much as possible to increase reliability.

New mobility and digital tools

The new mobility and digital CMMS tools make it possible to follow technician activities in real time. Also, they can receive notifications instantly. Access to information is facilitated, requests for assistance can also be processed in a shorter time, and monitoring real activities (up to minutes) is permitted. To be effective, maintenance must be dynamic and adapt at all times to optimize costs constantly. The use of CMMS tools in companies, to be effective, requires standardization of practice. Various rules must be put together, and the establishment of a general maintenance language must be encouraged. The complete web goes further in this direction, by developing data centralization but also by enabling the harmonization of various systems used, and this through mobile applications.

In addition, thanks to the use of mobile applications, complete web software can limit the race to invest, in fact, there is no need to have the most powerful terminal to be at the forefront of technology because different solutions are hosted on independent servers. Possibly the gateway with other units of the same group can be multiplied. Through the complete web, Application Service Providers (ASP) allow users to control their costs better.