Avoid these Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes


If you are not utilizing social media marketing, you are missing out on a significant audience engagement and revenue generation. After all, in this time and age of digital marketing, not leveraging social media platforms would be a blunder that will adversely impact your business.

While implementing social media marketing is pivotal to a business’s branding, what is more, important is to devise, plan and execute that strategy right, which more often than not is riddled with mistakes ranging from as simple as not having a strategy in the first place to promoting yourself too much.

These mistakes can have a negative impact on your business with the audience losing trust or getting annoyed by your brand’s content. Let’s dive into the social media marketing mistakes which you should avoid, going forward:


The first step to effective social media marketing is identifying your target audience, which most marketers fail at. Ask yourself who will benefit from this product? Which age group is it for? These questions help in determining the target audience and accordingly strategize the marketing campaigns to yield profitable results.


Customers want to feel valued, and if they have left a comment or query on your social media channel, there is a powerful possibility that they want it to be resolved as soon as possible. Another possibility is that they wish to interact with their favorite brand. Either way, you must engage in a constructive conversation with your audience. Acknowledging their presence and adding human ouch to the digital page can help your brand grow at an exponential rate.


This, although a risky territory should never be skipped or overlooked. Never delete or choose to not reply to the negative comments. This way you are losing an opportunity to clear the air and improve what’s lacking in your brand. Negative comments help you identify the problems with your business’s various aspects, which you should be grateful to the customers for pointing it out. An abusive comment, on the other hand, should be ignored or reported.


Don’t act like the salesman who wouldn’t leave your way until you agree to buy their product or that spam in your mailbox. While social media site should be leveraged for marketing, it should not overwhelm your target audience. Keep the content of self-promotion and engagement balanced to not come out as an annoying brand, leaving followers annoyed and having to unfollow.


Hashtags help the right audience find the right brand but while the right hashtags can have a positive impact on the brand image, misusing and abusing them can be detrimental for your business’s social presence. Depending upon the platform, industry, target audience and effectiveness of popular hashtags, it is pivotal to judiciously use them, so as to not come out miserably looking for audience’s engagement.

Inbound Marketing is getting intricate as we speak. From social media to video content, content marketing to website designing. This is why an increasing number of businesses are opting for inbound marketing consulting to a credible agency that has dedicated a team to manage every aspect of inbound marketing, ensuring escalation in the business’s awareness, branding, customer base, and revenue. Furthermore hiring dedicated professionals overburdening your in-house saves significant time and money, which can be utilized to attain the business’s core objective.