Here are the 9 Kenyan innovators pitching at Transform Africa Summit in Kigali


Nine Kenyan innovators have been selected to pitch at the Transform Africa Summit in Kigali, Rwanda.

The nine local ICT innovators are showcasing innovations at the Kenya pavilion at the event and were selected by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA), ICTA and the Ministry of ICT.

The innovations include:

Range – A platform where people can create their own e-commerce store in minutes, and manage it with ease. It is affordable and targets those who own small business and uses social media to sell. Buyers receive near real-time notifications, allowing them purchase, redeem loyalty points, and share favorites and experience.

DigiCow Diary App– DigiCow is a simple record keeping App for the dairy farmers. The App  targets  smallholder farmers and enterprises engaged in dairy farming enabling the farmer to increase their profits through data driven decision-making. This is a product of Farming tech Solutions ltd, and aims to increase productivity and profitability of the dairy farmers by digitizing agricultural extension services.

PAID– is an online customer relationship management (CRM) system that provides business owners with all-in-one tool for their marketing, sales and customer Service. The CRM is linked to the Point of Sale, which currently has no customer engagement. It runs analytics across multiple devices, tracks customer purchases, and engages Customers via SMS or Email for Campaigns & Promotions.

Getboda– is a smart on-demand logistics platform that uses a crowd-sourced model which connects multiple boda bodariders, track and van drivers, with third party logistics companies into a single network that is accessible using mobile phone and web application called GetBoda.

Epesi Trip Planner – Is a web based vehicle scheduling system developed in a bid to help in better urban transport system planning by queuing, routing, mapping, and managing rides, drivers & conductors in real-time. The system schedules buses getting into the Central Business District (CBD) by queuing them in the order of first come first served basis. The solution was successful tested at City Shuttle Bus Company, in Nairobi before it is unveiling.

Compass Career- A   digital platform to connect fresh graduates with internship positions. It also offers career guidance services, online and offline. Services offered include career talks, attachment liaison, personality tests, and mentor connection.

Online Workshop– The start-up company focuses on financial technology (fintech).  It specializes in branding, digital media and Online marketing. It also combines leading digital and technological capabilities with the deep industry knowledge and experience to help one to create brand exposure, excellent websites, qualified leads and revenue growth.

Kazi Promote – is a private start-up organization that aims to solve Kenya‘s youth unemployment crisis through digital jobs. It focuses on youth and women in employment.