iOS app development – best practices


Developing high quality applications for electronic wallets is the main priority here at Wallet Factory. Incorporating the best technologies into iOS app development led to creation of the e wallet app. Our developers work with an inimitable encoding in the soft to ensure that our apps are as secure as possible.

With the development of applications for Apple devices, we thought about protecting the customers’ data in case of losing their iPhone in any way. There are unique means of protection against hackers, viruses and data theft:

  • A short session feature will eliminate the possibility of replicating an already opened session
  • Encrypting and tokenizing payment tools
  • Product recovery in case of any damages

The mWallet mobile application on iOS is a perfect solution for benefiting from using the QR code technology. In can be incorporated in various industries, such as fuel retail (quickly paying for petrol while staying in the car) or telecommunication (paying for services via your phone). You can connect your card, either MasterCard or Visa, directly to the e-wallet and perform quick and easy transactions.

We offer a custom iOS software dev and the cost depends on the specifications. With a service agreement viable during a year you will be able to request internal changes and updates.

Comparing with Android application development

Even though Wallet Factory specializes in both iOS and Android white label app development, there are some differences in the process. From different programming languages to the visuals, we make sure to provide or clients with the polished product.

All Android devices are known to run on Java. Sometimes it is combined with C or C++, which is obviously different from the programming languages used to develop the iOS applications.

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During the development process, it is important to ensure the best compatibility of this software, and that is why our professionals diagnose and optimize every custom application.

It is important to keep in mind that Android devices are more targeted at European and Asian markets, whereas iOS prevails in the United States. A more careful approach to choosing software for your company is necessary in order for your business to benefit from the mWallet.

Most devices on Android already support NFC technology, which is not so common on iOS, at least currently. This will allow integrating customer’s bank account into the app and making easy and quick money transfers. There are also options for viewing the transactions made and current balance.