Why and How to Outsource Your Mobile App Development Needs?


More than 3 million of mobile apps reside in the mobile market and many more have been added to the numbers every single day. In such a scenario, if you are planning to build an application in-house via hiring an expert or training your in-house non-tech team, let me tell you – It won’t be a good idea. The time by which your mobile application will enter the respective app store, the mobile market demand would have been changed – leaving you with nothing but regret.

In a situation like this, the one possible way to ensure that you make an entry into the mobile industry at the earliest but without compromising on quality and other considerations is Outsourcing your mobile app development needs – the concept we will discuss in this article.

But, let’s watch out some statistics first:-

  1. The global market for outsourcing services was of around $85.6 billion in 2018.
  2. 37% of agencies are planning to outsource maximum proportion of their app development needs this year.
  3. Nearly 84.2% of outsourcing deals emerged from the USA, while 5.% from UK, Spain and Australia.

As depicted by these statistics, it would have been clear to you by now that Outsourcing is not an outdated or alien practice. So, it is the right time to look into what is Outsourcing app development.

Outsourcing App Development

Outsourcing app development is a business practice where a company hires another agency or freelancer to get their application development needs fulfilled. The approach is highly liked in the business market, as you can conclude from the statistics shared above, due to numerous benefits it offers, as covered in the section below.

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6 Reasons Why You Can’t Resist Outsourcing Your App Needs

  1. Access to Proficient Experts

Talent and experience come up high price tag. While it might be a daunting task to have them working on your app project in-house, it is easier when outsourcing your app development needs. This is because you are hiring them for a particular period of time only.

In a nutshell, Outsourcing app development provides you with an access to proficient and experienced developers without making a hole in your pocket.

  1. Easy Management

When performing everything in-house, it is likely to get distracted by multiple tasks or not able to complete the high-priority tasks first, resulting in delays and other challenges. Now, the process of outsourcing provides you with an escape from all such circumstances by taking away some fraction of tasks.

In other words, while the hired outsourced app development company develop your application, you can invest your time and efforts into other tasks like market research, competitive analysis and app marketing. This way, you can manage your tasks effectively.

  1. Reduced Development Cost

In the case of mobile application development, various tools and platforms are employed, which come with a license. If doing inhouse, you will have to pay for those licenses along with investing in infrastructure and payroll. Besides, if the in-house team faces some technical challenges, you would have to consult with experts, which will also add to the app cost.

But, when talking about outsourcing, you need not pay for their licenses, infrastructure and other such challenges. This makes the  mobile app development cost lower in the case of outsourcing over in-house app development.

  1. On-Time Delivery
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Another advantage that Outsourcing application development offers is that it gives you an escape from worrying about how to ensure that you never miss a project deadline. It ensures that an innovative and bug-free app solution is delivered to you at the stipulated time and cost, irrespective of what bugs, errors, and challenges they faced.

  1. Lower Risk

The hired app developers, with their niche expertise and experience in developing apps for different business verticals, will provide you an escape from encountering with numerous hidden challenges. They will overcome them single-handed and improve your app concept as per the market needs, which will eventually lessen the risk of app failure.

  1. Earlier entry to the Market

The concept of outsourcing mobile application development provides you with an opportunity to make an earlier entry to the market, with two teams working eventually – one is your inhouse team which is preparing the market for your app and the second is outsourced app development team which is making the application. This aids you with better opportunities to leave an impression on the market and gain higher revenue.

With these benefits clear to you, it is obvious that you would be excited to hear about the second section of the article, i.e., how to outsource your app needs. So, without making ado, let’s dive into the outsourcing market and check for tips to outsource your application needs effectively.

Tips to Consider While Outsourcing Your App Needs

  1. Know Your requirements

Before you begin with, bring your team on board and discuss what you actually need from this application, what features and functionalities you want to introduce and for whom. A comprehensive knowledge of these aspects will help you to make a better decision at how to outsource app development and reap profitable outcomes.

  1. Ask Questions
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When talking about outsourcing, there are ample of options available with you for every particular service. So, look forward to asking questions to them to get an idea of their knowledge and experience and hand over your app project to the right team.

  1. Request a Development Project Plan

A blueprint of what and how the application will be developed can also aid in screening out the best suitable companies and ensure that your app project reaches to the right hand. So, do not hesitate upon requesting for one.

  1. Communicate

Last but not least, prefer communication over cost. If someone is not willing to interact with you throughout the process, do not hire them. This is because continually changing market demands may bring major changes to your app development plan, covering up which won’t be possible if the development team is not in touch till the day of app delivery.

The aforementioned were some of the tips that will make it easier for you to reap higher benefits from the practice of outsourcing app development. So, look forward to employing them. And in case you have any query, consult with a reputed outsourcing mobile application development agency.