10 of the Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2019


If you are looking forward to a career in the tech industry, now is the perfect time to find a great opportunity and jump right in. According to Comparably, the new data revealed in February 2019 that there were around half a million job openings and gigs in the tech industry only in the United States. And not all of these jobs were for highly experienced tech-roles only. There were tons of entry-level jobs too.

Whether you are aiming to switch your job or just beginning your career, this evolving industry can present you with various fascinating career options. If you love technology and have a knack for networks and computer operations, this career can lead to a great future. Not to forget, most tech jobs offer great money too.

In fact, to keep you motivated and to help you learn more about your options, we will discuss the top 10 highest paying tech jobs in this article. Read through and find out the job options that interests you more and learn about the different IT training and certifications you will need to get into one of these roles.

1.     DevOps Engineer

 DevOps Engineering isn’t a defined role. They work with operations, developers, and other IT staff to monitor and implement the deployment of new software. They offer companies assistance with product changes or releasing small features of a product more efficiently by incorporating feedback.

The main skills of a DevOps engineer are:

  • Familiarity with DevOps
  • Familiarity with DevOps tools like Jenkins and Git
  • Scripting and coding
  • Understanding network operations and deployment
  • Knowledge of Unix an Linux system administration
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Average Salary per year: $123,000

2.     Data Scientist

The role of a data scientist is to interpret and analyze complex data to enable organizations to make better and timely decisions.

Here are some key capabilities of a data scientist:

  • Create data models
  • Identify business issues
  • Offer appropriate data-based solutions
  • Understand Machine Learning algorithms
  • The code in different programming languages like SAS, R, Python, etc.
  • Should be able to utilize analytical tools

Average salary per year: $141,000

3.     Network Architect

The growth in demand for network architects lately has made them one of the top-earning tech professionals in the United States. They have complex network-related job responsibilities with a wide range of role spectrum. Most network architects have several certifications and at least a relevant bachelor’s degree. For specializing, for instance, Windows Server 2016 – Networking, they must take the relevant Microsoft certification to boost their career options.

The typical responsibilities of a network architect include:

  • Building and designing LANs
  • Designing intranets
  • Building and designing WANs

Average salary per year: $134,000

4.     Big Data Architect

The responsibilities of a Big Data architect include managing, planning, and designing the lifecycle of large-scale deployments and developments of Big Data applications. These are the most common skills they possess:

  • Programming skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding of NoSQL, Spark, Hadoop, etc
  • Understanding of data warehousing technologies
  • Data visualization skills

Average salary per year: $140,000

5.     Software Architect

The job roles for a software architect include making design choices, optimizing development process, and dictating technical standards like platforms, tools, and coding. They are also responsible for identifying specific customer’s need and offer hands-on work for developing prototypes. The common skills for this profession include:

  • Excellent programming skills
  • Data modeling
  • Good analytical skills
  • Understanding of software architecture
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Average salary per year: $130,000

6.     Blockchain Engineer

A professional blockchain engineer is skilled in designing and implementing solutions and architecture using blockchain technology. Due to a sudden flare-up of this tech, there’s already a shortage of professionals who are trained for the job. The common skills required of a blockchain engineer include:

  • Solid programming skills
  • Thorough understanding of consensus methodologies
  • Understanding of protocol stacks, functions, and crypto libraries
  • Understanding of tech behind Bitcoin, Ehterium, R3, and Ripple

Average salary per year: $135,000

7.     Cloud Architect

A cloud architect specializes in overseeing and deploying effective cloud computing strategies of an organization. Their job role includes developing a cloud strategy that is perfectly aligned with the organization’s current needs. They are trained in the following skills:

  • Knowledge of Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Great communication skills
  • Designing and deploying cloud computing plans
  • Understanding of cloud application architecture

Average salary per year: $120,000

8.     AI Architect

AI or Artificial Intelligence architect manages, develops, and monitors various AI initiatives within the organization. They are trained to utilize their programming skills for AI implementation for desired results. Usually, they have a great knowledge of statistics and mathematics to make their job easier.

Moreover, they also possess the following skills:

  • Thorough understanding of Tensor Flow and similar technologies and their effective usage
  • Solid programming skills in different programming languages such as Torch, Python, and R
  • Understanding of AI-related technologies including Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning

Average salary per year: $120,000

9.     Technical Program Manager

This managerial position is responsible for dealing with the various aspects of a technical project lifecycle. In addition to planning and initiating a project, they are also responsible for tracking its progress and provide solutions in case of an issue.

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Their main skills include:

  • Planning and implementing a project lifecycle
  • Monitoring and tracking the project at different stages
  • Coordinating the effort among outside vendors and in-house employees
  • Setting timelines and schedules for the project
  • Ensuring deadlines are met

Average salary per year: $145,000

10. Software Engineering Manager

Another high-paying managerial post that’s directly related to software developing and engineering. They are not only responsible for various software operations in the organization but also to oversee how the team is doing. Here is the list of skills they have:

  • Assist in the development of a new software
  • Improving current computer programs and software
  • Determining the feasibility of software’s operations
  • Finding solutions in case a problem comes up

Average salary per year: $163,000

Final Word

If you have a degree, certification, training, or experience in the tech industry, all of these jobs can be a potential career for you. Pick the most relevant one and make a successful career out of it!