Kenya’s VasPro Set to Empower SMEs and Developers with More API Features


VasPro, a bulk SMS and mobile marketing company in Kenya has unveiled a number of features in its API that enable them deliver more value to their customers.

These range from small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) to multi-national corporations and young developers- who can use them with FREE integration.

Bulk SMS customers will not only be able to use the VasPro API to send branded messages to their databases but also generate revenues with NEEDED profit generating features.

Mobile Payments Integration

Seamless integration of customer accounts with mobile payment services like the MPESA service is a convenient feature on the VasPro API.  “As of 2019, 64 out of 100 Kenyans use mobile payment platforms like MPESA” says Andrew Aligula, VasPro’s Marketing Director.

“We added seamless MPESA integration feature in our API so that customers can take charge of mobile POS messages. These include discounts, further promos, cross sales and offers with ease,” he adds. Building a customer database and automatic POS messages from MPESA pay-bill services is simple with VasPro.

API’s for Young Developers on VasPro

VasPro has many API’s that are crucial for young developers. Some of these include 2-way messaging and transactional messages. Good developers are using the API for OTP, for example. Do it yourself API’s have also been integrated into VasPro.

Businesses using VasPro to Grow Their Databases and Revenues

VasPro has the capacity to handle heavy traffic a feature not many mobile marketing platforms match. Many companies successfully use VasPro to grow their businesses and databases.

Coca Cola used VasPro with the now famous “Changamkia Mamili” campaign with over 700,000+ transactions per day.

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Total Kenya did it with the “Chomoka na Credo” promo which distributed 12 million in airtime; building a database of over 300, 000 users. This is how powerful VasPro is to companies.

SME Success Stories from the VasPro

Any company can benefit from VasPro. There are many success stories involving small to medium-sized enterprises using VasPro. Salonists, Butchers, Lawyers, Beauty shops, Travel agents, Dentists, Doctors, and others can benefit from VasPro API features.

“We use VasPro to not only build our customer list, but also communicate discounts on our products,” says Laban Momanyi of Mwananchi Credit. “Sometimes, we use the VasPro API to distribute rewards like airtime to our customers on special occasions like Christmas” he adds.

“VasPro is like medicine to us,” says Simon Kabu of Bonfire adventures- a leading tour agent in the country. “I use it daily for new package announcements, to stay in touch with customers who book online and offline. The results are good,” he concludes.

For NeatHome Basics, a retailer of household items, VasPro is handy with new stock alerts which have improved their sales by 15% month on month.

Mobile is the future at VasPro

64% of all Kenyans use mobile payments and over 29 million own a smartphone according to the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK). SMS messaging continues to have the highest number of open rates of 95% and delivery rates of over 99% on VasPro.

Can a business ignore mobile in their marketing strategy? That’s food for thought.

Apart from branded SMS’, VasPro also provides shortcodes, Alphanumerics, USSD, and Mobile Apps on mobile service providers- Safaricom, Airtel, Telcom, and Equitel. You can check them out at