Top-10 Hookup Tips Everyone Must Know


Of course, most of you already have a vast experience in the hookup. You have previously identified which techniques are the most suitable for you. Thus, you use them every time you want to have sex with somebody. However, people grow up. And your hookup habits should also evolve so that you do not look like a high school boy. Experience always teaches us quite wise lessons. And this is directly related to hookup. You will never do again what you did when you were 16, for example.

The principal thing for a perfect dating is to feel comfortable and protected with your future partner. It not only concerns wearing condom. You must make your partner feel confident and sexy at a time. Thus, we have collected all the possible mistakes most people make while dating. As a result, below you will find top-10 hookup tips, which are essential to know and implement in your hookup habits before starting a new life in college. So, here we go!

Make the first move as soon as you want it

Anyone can make the first step. Most people mistakenly think that only men can invite for a date. This statement is not applicable anymore for contemporary society. False rules must not be followed any longer. Gender boundaries have been erased long ago. Therefore, it is not a problem for a lady any more to invite a man for a sex date. And men really adore such dominant and hot women. There is only one rule – if you want to encourage someone for a date, just initiate it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman – never hesitate.

Always have a pack of gum in your pocket

Fresh breath has always been a guarantee of a successful hookup. Of course, you may not consider it a vital hookup tip. However, believe me, most people just ignore this usual rule. The matter is that you never know when you can have a date. It is often spontaneous. But you must always be sure that your breath can still be fresh and fragrant. Thus, just put a pack of gum in your pocket and be ready for great kisses.

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Privacy is still important

Notwithstanding the fact whether you are very confident in your hookup abilities or you are very shy, you must always remember the uppermost importance of privacy. Many timid people are delighted in bed while plenty of confident men are like shy boys when it comes to sex. This fact must be remembered. Therefore, not to be confused, you should some private places for a date where you can have as much intimacy as possible to enjoy each other at the fullest extent.

Constantly keep sexy eye contact with your partner

Keeping hot eye contact has always been the best way to show that you are very interested in a hookup. It is especially important when you want to fuck very much. Your eyes can tell the whole truth about your real intentions more than any tender words. Just hold eye contact and let your partner know that you want to have sex tonight.

Always use condoms

What I respect fuck sites for is that they always warn all its members to use protection while having sex. Using condoms is not a privilege but merely a necessity. In this way, you always show that your intentions are serious and that you only care about your sex partner. Here we do not talk about sexually transmitted diseases – it is obvious. It is the purest sign of respect which should always be followed. And as in most cases hookup directly leads to sex, you must always have condoms not to spoil you probable fantastic night.

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Forget about drunk hookups

Many people get extremely brave when they drink liquor. In such a condition they like to start a flirt and think it is normal. Of course, for many of you drunk hookups can be ok. However, when people get older, they definitely find other ways of relaxation when they want to go for a date. Especially, when they want to find a partner for one-night sex. Therefore, forget about alcohol when you are going to hook up in college. Your date will undoubtedly be much more expressive and unforgettable when you are sober.

Women adore when you play with their hair

The most working flirting experience comes with practice, of course. You can never become a hookup expert immediately. Only practice rules in this case. Thus, one of the most effective tips to follow is to play with the woman`s hair. Ladies adore that unforgettable feeling when you run your fingers through their hair. It relaxes, and it is always the best prelude before having fantastic sex. Of course, you should not play with her hair during the first minute of your meeting. Do it when you are alone in the whole intimate atmosphere. This tip always works.

Love your body

Many people often fail to hook up successfully because they feel extremely shy about their size. They hate their height or weight. Arms are too shot; legs are too tall, etc. It is nonsense, actually. Because people never mention your body type when you show confidence. Confident people are always successful while dating because their moral qualities always conquer some probable defects of their bodies. Therefore, just be happy about your body, and your future sex partner will feel the same.

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The shower is a must

Again you might think that we are talking about ordinary things which are of no importance. Like about chewing gum or a condom in your pocket. However, 75% of people who are going to hookup just forget about cleanness. For me, it is unimaginable. It is just a simple daily hygiene need, not to mention the fact that you always need to wash your body thoroughly before the first date. Does anyone disagree with me? Shower, perfumes, deodorants, various aroma sprays are those things which are vital for a first successful date. Especially, when you want to have hot sex after it. Therefore, make sure that you are clean and fragrant when you are going to hook up.

Always be a gentleman  

All types of women adore gentlemen. Even the most sexually depraved woman loves when she is told tender and pleasant words. It always turns a woman into a sexual mood. Give her flowers, be polite, be courteous – and you will always be the most popular man in high demand. When you are having sex in a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, you can do with each other everything you want. However, when you are in public – having dinner in a restaurant or just walking around a park – a man must always be a gentleman. And in this case, your woman will undoubtedly be proud of you. She will see that all people around envy her. This fact guarantees that after such a successful date, she will reward you with incredible sex you couldn’t even dream of.


I really hope you will succeed in the hookup. Just use the tips from this post – they do work. You will undoubtedly get an unforgettable dating experience and become a hookup expert. Good luck and have a great hookup!