Lottery Winners and Their Stories

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The lottery has always been one of the most entertaining and popular forms of gambling. As such, it has a long history. Nowadays, during the era of technological innovations, if modern is your thing, you can choose to play bitcoin baccarat.

Then again, if you prefer keeping things simple, you can always rely on the good old lottery to do the trick. However, in today’s time, there is more than just one way to play the lottery — you can even play it online. But whether you play online or not won’t matter because if you’re lucky, you’re lucky — it’s as simple as that.

Truth be told, it isn’t that hard to get lucky playing the lottery — people win all the time. Still, among those who have won, there were those rare cases of extremely lucky people who have won life-changing amounts.

If you are curious to find out more about them, we comprised a list of some fun and interesting stories about people who won big playing the lottery.

A Cowboy and His Ranch

In 2009, Neal Wanless was one of the poorest ranchers in South Dakota. This, then 23-year-old, cowboy was failing to pay his taxes and couldn’t afford the repairs around the ranch. He was even forced to sell scrap metal to earn a little extra income.

On a supply run to a local town, he spent $5 on five different tickets and selected the numbers that most of us do — our family members’ birth dates.

Luckily for him, it was precisely those numbers he needed as his Powerball ticket landed him around $88.5 million after taxes. To make the story even better, he didn’t let the money get to his head, and he continued working around the ranch and helping those in his community.

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Wrecked Cars and Wrecked Fortune

The story of Michael Carroll is the complete opposite of the story about Neal Wanless. While the majority of us would invest in a house or a car, or even a luxurious vacation, Carroll had different plans. After winning $15 million, Michael Carroll decided that the best way to spend his money was on demolition derbies. Yes, you read that right, car demolition derby parties.

For those of you who are unaware of what a demolition derby is, this form of entertainment involves drivers smashing cars into one another until there is only one standing or working in this case. Sadly, for Michael, that wasn’t the only thing he spent his money on; he wasted a good portion on drugs and women and even managed to land himself in jail more than once. Needless to say, his fortune didn’t last long.

It Could Happen to You

There’s a good chance that you have seen the romantic comedy movie from 1994 called It Could Happen to You about a New York City cop and a waitress. The movie features Hollywood superstars like Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda, and it was a great hit. However, did you know that the movie was based on a true story? Robert Cunningham and Phyllis Penzo were real-life inspirations for this movie.

As they were long-time friends, instead of giving her a tip, Robert jokingly offered to split his lottery ticket winnings with Phyllis who worked in a South Pizzeria in Yonkers. A few days later, Robert called her to tell her that they had won $6 million. Since it was April Fool’s day, it took some time before Phyllis actually believed him. As promised, Robert split his winnings with her, securing each of them $286,715 per year for 21 years.

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Second Time’s a Charm

Kimberly Morris from North Carolina is a mother of three who bought a lottery ticket from a supermarket and won $10,000. After finding out she had won, she drove to pick up the prize. On her way back home, she decided to buy another ticket. This time, instead of $10,000, she won $1 million.

She immediately called her husband in sheer excitement who had a hard time understanding what she was trying to say. After he finally made sense of it, he still couldn’t believe what he was hearing and had to rush home to see whether it was true. Luckily for both of them, Kimberly was indeed one of the few people who has won the lottery multiple times.

What Would You Do?

As you can see, there are some crazy stories out there when it comes to people winning the lottery. While some decide to invest wisely and help out their friends and family, others choose to toss it all away. Granted, winning a hefty sum of money can change your life forever in a matter of seconds, but the best thing to do is to take things slowly, carefully planning how to spend your newly obtained fortune.