Microsoft 98-367: Security Fundamentals – Is Examsnap the Best Platform for Exam Preparation?


The field of technology has a variety of certifications for IT professionals, and the Microsoft 98-367 exam is among the tests that lead you to such a credential. The purpose of this certification test is to assess your skills and knowledge in operating system, software, and network security. The moment you have your MTA, you automatically get a point of entry in your IT career of choice without the need for any skilled experience.The 98-367exam is ideal for those who wish to begin a career based on different Microsoft programs and those looking for a strong Microsoft architecture foundation.

Microsoft 98-367: Exam Details

The exam has approximately 50 questions. However, the number of questions in the test may change from time to time. There are multiple-choice questions in the exam.Microsoft 98-367 is divided into the following sections:

  • Security Layers (25-30%)
  • Operating System Security (35-40%)
  • Understanding Network Security (20-25%)
  • Understanding Security Software (15-20%)

Although you do not require many skills before you take the exam, you should have fundamental computer understanding. It is possible to pass the test without any basic skills. However, when you have them you will be able to pass easily and apply your knowledge in future.

Microsoft 98-367: Reasons for Popularity

The Microsoft professionals are among the most demanded employees by most organizations and companies around the world. Most employers often search for the IT professionals who work with services related to Microsoft. When you get certified, you boost your opportunity of landing these jobs. The MTA certificate gets you closer toearning the advanced Microsoft credentials. Let’s see why the 98-367 exam is popular.

  1. Getting certified earns you a membership at the Microsoft Certified Professional community network.Being a member has some advantages such as a large network, which offers career support and special offers.
  2. The exam covers a wide technology area, which is database fundamentals, software and Windows development, network and security fundamentals, and web development fundamentals.
  3. You do not require any previous skills before you take this certification test. Therefore, it is ideal for beginners.
  4. The exam is marketable globally. This provides you with a large career network, which amounts to great career goals.
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Microsoft 98-367: Preparation Tips

Although you can take the Microsoft 98-367 certification exam with no previous skills, it may still be challenging. Having fundamental computer knowledge prior to taking the test is important because it makes it easier for you to prepare for the exam. You can use the Examsnap resources to get ready for this test. Here are some tips to help you pass Microsoft 98-367:

  1. Develop a schedule. You need to create a blueprint that you will follow while preparing to take the exam. This will enable you to structure your study time and give you a sense of direction. Ensure that you allocate enough time to each topic in order for you to grasp all the content that will be tested on the exam.
  2. Study the exam objectives. The test is focused on the topics discussed above, and you need to know the objectives of the exam for you to study right. This gives you a clear picture of what to expect, and so you are able to structure your study plan around it. Covering all areas of the exam will enable you to pass it.
  3. Join a revision group. You need to join a revision group that is studying for the same exam you are preparing for. This is a wonderful study resource especially during the sessions whereby members ask questions and get answers from other members. You will be able to acquire a lot of information and study topics that you may have overlooked.
  4. Use practice tests. Practice tests are great for revision, and you can use the ones from Examsnap. By answering the questions that are similar to those you will encounter during the exam, you brush up on facts. You also get to identify areas that you may not have understood and study them again.
  5. Look at exam dumps. Examsnap has braindumps that will help you prepare for the real exam. It is advisable that you look atthem. This will help you understand how the questions are normally structured in the test, which will make you feel very much relaxed and prepared as you look forward to the exam.
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Microsoft 98-367: Web Resources

For the beginnerswho wish to establish a strong foundation in networking and Microsoft operating system software, the 98-367 certification exam is the best option. Although MTA is one of the certifications you can earn with almost no skills, you still need to prepare for the test if you want to pass it. There are so many web resources like Examsnap, which you can use to prepare for the exam. Here are the best preparation sources you can find:

  • MS 98-367: Official Practice Test
  • Microsoft Windows Security Essentials by Darril Gibson
  • Microsoft official academic course: Exam 98-367 Security Fundamentals

Microsoft 98-367: Training Courses

The Internet has a lot of training courses for the Microsoft 98-367 exam. These courses are focused on security fundamentals, and the most common one is Course 40367B, which takes three days. During these three days, you can take classes remotely and ask the instructor. You can also take advantage of the learning partners’ classroom-based training and Microsoft networking fundamental courses to prepare for the 98-367 exam.It is important to note that accessibility and coverage determine a good training course. Therefore, consider this when making a choice.


The Microsoft 98-367 certification exam has the potential of opening you up to so many career and certification opportunities. Prepare for the test properly using the Examsnap study resources.