M-Net & Showmax searching for high-end dramas in Kenya and Nigeria via the Multichoice Talent Factory


M-Net and Showmax are searching for high-end dramas in Kenya and Nigeria via the Multichoice Talent Factory portal.

Via the portal, M-Net is looking for proposals for a high-end drama for its Maisha Magic East channel in Kenya and Africa Magic channels in Nigeria as well as Showmax platform. As the most loved African storyteller, MultiChoice continues to increase investment in local content, taking African stories to the rest of the world. Interested parties have until Monday, 29th July 2019 to submit their proposal to M-Net.

Launched in March, the portal is a pan-African, film and television digital marketplace for information about all aspects of this creative industry. The portal offers open, cost-free access to film creatives across Africa to showcase their talent, access opportunities, stay up to date with industry news and expand their industry network. To date, the portal has over 15,000 registered profiles.

MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF), has unveiled a new messaging component to allow anyone with a registered profile to connect with any other creative within the portal’s network in real-time.

According to Cheryl Uys-Allie, MultiChoice Talent Factory Director, “Collaboration and knowledge-sharing is what our industry is built upon, and no one knows this better than MultiChoice, collaborating with hundreds of creatives daily to feed our content platforms. Now that the world is paying even more attention to African stories, it’s important that we as African creatives have our own platform that understands and supports the complexities of making films and TV in Africa. I feel privileged to be part of these game changing initiatives for the industry.”

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The portal is the third touchpoint of the shared-value initiative, following the launch of the MTF Academy in three regions and the MTF Masterclasses. Launched in 2018, the MTF Academy is a 12-month film training programme aimed at upskilling the next generation of passionate young film creatives.

This year, the MTF Academy is searching for 60 aspiring film and TV creatives from Africa to be part of the Class of 2019. Emerging filmmakers are required to apply for entry on https://cte.multichoicetalentfactory.com/ before 14 June 2019.

The chosen creatives will be a part of the sought-after year-long and fully funded programme at three academy hubs located in Southern Africa (Lusaka, Zambia), East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) and West Africa (Lagos, Nigeria) headed by industry leaders Berry Lwando, Njoki Muhoho and Femi Odugbemi respectively.

The MTF Masterclasses, which were launched in January 2019, are the second touchpoint of the shared-value initiative that will also feed into the MTF portal soon.

Click here to submit a proposal for the Kenya series:   Click here to submit a proposal for the Nigeria series:  
https://submissions.mnetcorporate.co.za/request/high-end-series_47   https://submissions.mnetcorporate.co.za/request/high-end-drama-series-nigeria_48