5 Cost-Saving Ways To Automate Your Business Phone Systems


Pretty much every business on the planet needs a good phone system. Without it, they will not be able to communicate with their customers effectively. This is very important when the customer needs help or wants to make an order over the phone. Unfortunately, having a phone system can be pretty expensive. With that being said, you should find ways to automate your business phone systems. Below, you’ll learn how to do that and save yourself money too.

Use An Interactive Voice Response System

There is a really good chance that you’re going to be calling your customers on a regular basis. If this is the case, you should think about utilizing an IVR or interactive voice response system. This will prove to be very beneficial for your business. It’ll ensure that you’re able to reach your customers and deliver important information in a cost effective manner. In fact, you won’t need expensive equipment whatsoever. Instead, you can use the IVR system to send payment reminders, emergency alerts, and even appointment reminders. Suffice to say, this is a good way to save money.

Set Up Answering Rules

You should also consider setting up answering rules. This is a great way to divvy up the work among all of your employers. You can assign times for certain workers to receive calls. You can even set up greetings. This is really one of the best ways to save yourself some money. After all, it is going to ensure that your workers are much more productive.

Use A Menu

Another great way to save yourself some money is by using a phone menu. After all, there is no reason to send the customer to the orders department if they only want to check their balance. Using a phone system like this will ensure that the customer gets to the right department much quicker. In return, your workers are not going to be bogged down with unnecessary work. Plus, this will make things so much better for your clients too. They’ll speak to fewer people before they get the answers they need.

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Other Forms Of Communication

It is also a good idea to use multiple forms of communication. You probably like chatting on the phone, but a lot of people do not. They may prefer to chat online or via text messages. Well, you should give them the opportunity to do just that. This too will ensure that your workers do not get distracted with unnecessary activities. And, it’ll give your customers many more options. This is a good way to save money too.

Use A Dial Directory

Finally, you should think about using a dial-by-number directory. This is a very good way to save time and money. It’ll ensure that your customers are able to find the department that they’re after very quickly. They’ll push a button and hear your company’s directory. Then, they’ll be able to push a number to reach the department in question. This will speed things up for everyone and save your company money as well.