5 Signs of a Gambling Addiction


Online gambling is now mainstream with the recent technological advancements. Players visit reputable sites like mymobicasino.com to play poker and other games. However, it’s very easy for an online gambler to fall into the trap of compulsive gambling. The signs of gambling addiction are often subtle in the beginning. Truth be told, it’s different from other types of addiction and the effects are far-reaching.

A gambling problem can lead to strained relationships, deteriorating health, legal issues, and even suicide. Gambling serves as a source of entertainment but it’s not ideal to rely on it for happiness. Here are some of the signs of gambling addiction.

  1. Ignoring the consequences

Most of the thoughts of an addicted gambler often revolve around how, when and where to play the next game. They won’t mind selling their possessions, using the money for rent or education just to achieve their aim. Some can go to the extent of engaging in illegal activities such as fraud and stealing which may attract imprisonment.

2. Gambling obsession

Gambling addiction can present similar signs that are exhibited by individuals battling with alcohol or drug addiction. An addicted gambler may have a distorted view of the things that really matter in life. It’s common for gamblers to use gambling as an escape from negative emotions instead of developing coping mechanisms and tackling the issue.

Most of them will neglect their health, responsibilities and loved ones. This usually leads to other issues as time goes on. Emotional withdrawal symptoms like depression, restlessness or irritability may start surfacing if such individual is unable to satisfy the urge.

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3. Living in denial

A good number of addicts tend to live in denial. It’s difficult to break the habit if you can’t admit that there is an issue. Acceptance is the key to overcoming any type of addiction. At times, they can keep denying despite the fact that people around the have concrete evidence.

This can result in heated arguments which will only aggravate the issue. Gambling addicts rarely see anything wrong with hiding things from friends and families. They will even tell lies and offer excuses to cover up their tracks.

4.Difficulty to stop gambling

The thrill of gambling high stakes can be intoxicating. There are several instances where gambling addicts have made up their mind to stop but found themselves engaging in the act again. This is one of the first signs of gambling addiction. The best thing to do at this point is to get support from loved ones and certified therapists.

5. Financial problems

Another common sign of compulsive gambling disorder is financial issues. Gamblers can borrow money from anyone including strangers and find it difficult to pay back. They can even steal money from people closest to them, thereby eroding trust.

The motive for their actions is to chase their losses hoping that luck would smile on them this time around. The opposite is usually the case as they will keep losing money and incur debt.

Don’t hesitate to seek help once you notice any of these signs. Starting a recovery program early enough will help you to get over the issue completely and live a better life.