How eSports Can Improve in the Future


It’s not a surprise that eSports have grown a lot, to the point where almost everyone knows at least one such game. With all the games such as Fortnite, CS: GO, Overwatch, Dota 2 and others, people have the opportunity to test their strategy-forming skills but also bet in Dota 2 on sites like and many others.

But have we seen all from eSports so far? Is there any room for improvement, or they’ll stagnate for a long time? Well, here is how eSports can improve in the future.

  1. RNG Improvement

Most of these games have an RNG, and many times it barely works in your favor. RNG works by letting you roll items or similar things and giving you something random. If you get lucky, you get something of quality, and vice-versa.

However, unsuccessful rolls are too common, and it can get frustrating when you’re not able to get at least one good thing every once in a while. And the worst thing is that you can’t do anything about it. As such, RNG has to be improved so people are not displeased anymore, and the fun is not ruined.

2. Getting Rid of Toxicity

This one can be a little tricky because toxicity exists in pretty much every game and community because there are lots of different people. Given on the internet you can be anonymous, it’s easier to have a loud, potty mouth, creating a cycle of negativity. It’s not unusual to come across such people, sadly, and they can really ruin the experience.

Things can be improved if such individuals are being punished for actions. With the League of Legends Championship Series, toxic players are getting fined. More eSports should think of doing similar things.

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3. Monetizing Options

A lot of gamers are also content creators, whether YouTubers, streamers or anything of the sort. If eSports want to improve, they should come up with more ways for these people to make money for their time spent in the game. Imagine the potential aspiring gamers would have if this was a thing, given the demand for such content.

4. More Gaming Platforms

PC gaming seems to be the dominating platform compared to mobile and console, but the lack of platforms limits a lot of potential gamers. The interest in eSports will grow as time flies, and the demand for more playing options will increase with it. As such, mobile gaming and other types should be worked harder on, providing people with more opportunities in terms of gaming.

ESports are already big enough at the present time, but with some work, the industry can grow and gain even more. This will also be beneficial for game developers, Dota 2 betting sites or any eSports betting site, and gaming platform creators in general, as they have the chance to earn a lot.