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Twitter is Working On a Feature That Let’s You Control Who Can Reply To Your Tweets

by Val Lukhanyu
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Twitter will soon enable you to control who replies to your tweets. The new feature is built on the hide replies options that the company launched earlier on.

The new feature allows you to restrict replies from your followers or alternatively stop replies completely. This means you can effectively have a discussing that they can see but not give their own input.

According to Twitter, the feature will give people the opportunity to interject abuse and unwanted comments into conversations.

A Twitter user Karissa Bell, added that the upcoming feature will let you control who can reply to your tweets. As you compose, you will be able to limit replies to followers.  people mentioned in the tweet can be made not to reply or set for no replies at all.

Twitter also revealed that the next steps in its ongoing efforts are to give the platform more control over their conversations.

Pocket-Lint blog post notes that, what’s unique about Twitter is that the core atom of the content itself.  In order for them to feel comfortable putting that out in the world for others to consume,  need to feel empowered to start that conversation in the first place.

Likewise, Twitter wants to do everything it can to prevent people from not wanting to tweet opinions and start conversations. Most users no longer post.

Currently, the conversation participants menu is under testing. Their intention is to make it available to all accounts on the platform. This is for all users whether they belong to individual users or businesses.

“the social network will experiment with the new feature during the first quarter, with the aim of refining it and preparing it for a global rollout later this year” added Twitter director of product management Suzanne Xie.

“We thought, well. what if we could actually put more control into the author’s hands. What if we give them really a way to control the conversation space as they’re actually composing a tweet?. Right now, public conversation on Twitter is when you tweet something that everyone in the world will see and everyone can reply, or you can have a very private conversation in a direct message. So, there’s an entire spectrum of conversations that we don’t see on Twitter yet,” Added Xie.

Lately, Twitter  has been attempting to be more open in the way it does things. Considering privacy and data protection which is incredibly important for the industry. The company is focusing on building trust and privacy into each of its product features.



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