YouTube is working on a feature dubbed ‘Shorts’ to rival TikTok


YouTube is currently working on a new feature called Shorts. The feature is rumoured to rival TikTok which will appear on the YouTube app as a feature. Shorts will allow YouTube users to create very brief videos similar to what TikTok users do. Shorts will will be unveiled towards the end of the year.

According to reports by the Information blog, Shorts will exist inside the YouTube mobile app as a feature which will include a feed of brief videos posted by users inside the Google-owned app. It will take advantage of the video service’s catalog of licensed music, songs from which will be available to use as soundtracks for the videos created by users.

YouTube already boosts of about 2 billion monthly users and getting users to shift to the feature can be easy. A good percentage of YouTubers use other streaming services. While people who have access to streaming services, both paid and ad-supported. The app also has the advantage of being able to lean on its advertising revenue to counter any losses that might occur.

Internet users have adopted short videos in the recent past. Especially at a time when almost everyone is social distancing or in quarantine due to Coronavirus. People are using their free time to create short videos to entertain themselves instead of meetups.

Another thing is that TikTok in the last two years has grown by over 125 per cent. A positive growth curve which gives YouTube and other video streaming service providers a run for their money.

YouTube has reportedly been working offering offer third-party subscriptions to video streaming services like Netflix, CBS to give customers a chance to sign up for a wider range of streaming services from other entertainment companies.