Who Can be a Legal Notary: Facts and Tips?

Notary Service

you may have heard this word especially if you are living in the United States of America. Still, a lot of people are confused about the notary services, I have gathered some knowledge through various news and laws ascribed for notary services in various parts of the world. Especially in America where these services are considered quite common and reliable. 

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Before we head-on, let us clear the impression of what a notary is? A notary can be an individual or a group of people. Without doubt of reproach, you can trust a person who has got the licensee for notary services. In America, there are services that can be trusted as it has offered many services. 

Coming back to the topic of discussion let us clarify our views about some legal; services that can be obtained ed by persons who claim to be a legal notary and apostille services

Usually, a solicitor is a notary who sometimes passes some exams developed and designed by the state and attains the legal license for the services. you need to check the following things before you hire a notary service.

Check If the Person is Reliable

This is the most important thing you need to check before handing over your documents. You may feel that the individual is reliable by the way he talks and describe a thing. 

The most solid way for checking the reliability is checking the license if the state has issues or the qualification which is required for a person for attaining this rank by the state. 

Fee is not a Sign of Trust Worthiness

In many states such as in developing countries, people tend to opt for these services for free. Thus, you cannot gauge the reliability of a notary just by reckoning his charges. 

Ask some experiences 

Because a notary can be anyone, even a schoolteacher who is capable of understanding state matters and have got the license. 

However, in different states and countries, they have got a list of professionals who can be a notary providing notary services. 

They are the following in America and Canada. Especially in America you can get a I-9 verification.

  • Notary public, many people confuse notary services with Notary public and think both are different but, in fact, a notary public is the organization having people who are eligible for attesting and approving your documents. 
  • Lawyers can be notary service providers, and in many cases, they are considered as the most reliable persons. 
  • People designated at embassies, they can also sign your documents for verification and reliability. 
  • Members of parliament, in many states they are also considered as one of the best possible options, but in developing countries, they are quite difficult to contact. 
  • A social worker, who have got the license and certificates for social work. You can consult them for your documents. 
  • A clerk at the city hall, a pharmacist, surgeon, doctor, teacher of high school preferably with a law degree or a social science degree. All these people can be quite helpful. 

This list will vary in different countries. But according to Carms.zensk.com these are the persons you must look for if you are asked to provide notarized documents. 

Lastly, a notary can not be a family member, in numerous states if your family member, mostly some form your immediate relations is a notary even if he is eligible to notarize people’s documents, he will not be eligible for verifying it. If you are in America you can contact DC mobile notary if you are unable to find any of these.  

Documents you need to notarize

There is a long list of documents you ought to notarize in case you have not notarized them by a reliable person or group the n while using them various strict states can stop you because they will not be trusting you. 

The following documents must be notarized before using them.

  • Educational and academic records especially if you will be using them for moving abroad. 
  • Legal documents such as case rulings and notices, if you will be utilizing them as pieces of evidence. 
  • Documents for immigration, they must be notarized by the embassy. 
  • Business documents and treaties. 
  • Land records and tax records which can be used for credibility. 
  • Documents for overseas marriage. 
  • Birth certificates and passport copies can also be notarized, this will come under personal documents.