Penda Health backs Coronavirus fight with PPE donation


 Penda Health supporters, through Penda Health, have today donated medical and protective equipment to health facilities, chiefs and police stations in Nairobi and Kiambu counties to aid in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The equipment will be distributed amongst four county hospitals, ten sub-county hospitals and the rapid response team in Nairobi County; as well as one county hospital and one sub-county hospital in Kiambu County. This is in addition to 15 chief’s offices and police stations in the two counties.

The Chief Medical Officer of Penda Health, Dr Robert Korom, said that the donations are meant to protect critical frontline health workers.

“Medical personnel are at increased risk due to the nature of their work. Police and chiefs have also been at the frontline in enforcing Government directives to contain the spread of COVID-19 such as curfews, cessation of movement and wearing face masks, among others,” Dr Korom added.

The donation to the medical facilities includes 105,000 pieces of disposable masks, 252,500 pairs of disposable gloves, 500 face shields, 80 goggles, 80 rubber boots, 1,900 N95 face masks, 120 thermometers, 40 full sets of personal protective equipment, 70 reusable aprons and 400 reusable cloth masks. Also donated was 400 reusable cloth masks to chiefs and police stations

As the country fights Covid-19, Penda Health has continued to provide critical health services such as antenatal care, well-baby care, and urgent care for a wide variety of conditions. “Our medical centres have maintained our usual hours, while also keeping patients and staff protected with personal protective equipment. Penda Health has also created a telemedicine hotline called ‘Pigia Penda’ that answers questions on COVID-19 as well as virtual consultation with our health care providers over the phone.” Dr Korom concluded.