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How to Buy the Best Vaporizer in 2020

by Sam Amira
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When it comes to vaporizers, there is no one size fits all. Everyone has different vaporization needs. Some prefer a more compact device for quick hits, while others prefer bigger vaporizers for in home use. What is it that you are looking for in your ideal vaporizer? Would you prefer longer battery life? Smoother hits? Thankfully, there is something out there for everyone! Let us look at some of the top vaporizers that are worthy contenders of each other, to help you find the vaporizer of your dreams. You will be blowing clouds in no time!

Most reliable (Bulky)

For an all-rounder, Storz and Bickel Mighty have been voted most reliable. If you are looking for a solid device that will constantly deliver on producing smooth vapour, one that you can carry around for hours without charging, and one that you can share, then the Mighty is for you. However, it is not for someone with small hands, and its size is considerably large and might need some getting used to. The Mighty also comes with a grinder and a scoop, which shows that they really care about their customers. 

Most reliable (Compact and stylish)

Another reliable vaporizer that is also comfortable to hold (and look at) is the PAX 3. PAX 3 has a sleek outer design that exudes elegance and stylishness. Unlike the Mighty, the PAX 3 will fit right with your essential everyday items like your phone and keys. Do not let its compact size full you, as it packs good battery power and also releases a satisfying cloud of vapour.


Flavour is an important criteria, and there are certain devices that are designed to take special care on preserving and dispensing your herb’s full flavour. Whether your herb has an extra cooling effect, or you just really want that bubble gum flavour, there are vaporizers designed for premium flavour. One device that lives up to this reputation is the Firefly 2+ that also has a stylish and compact design so you can carry it around easily. Firefly 2+ even comes with a connected Bluetooth app if you want to easily toggle any settings. Next up, you also have the Arizer Solo 2 that has a special glass stem. This glass stem is special indeed, as it is what sets the Arizer Solo 2 apart from other vaporizers by giving you clean and good flavour. Another good thing about the Arizer Solo 2 is that you can load a few stems before going out, and its supportive battery will support you for hours on end.

Something different

The FocusVape Pro S Premium is for people who are serious about their vaping. If you love the satisfaction of smoking from a bong, the Premium Kit comes with a bubbler attachment. And that’s not all, you can also toggle the temperature and airflow, to adjust the perfect density and smoothness that you want. On top of all its special features, it also has a reliable battery that you can replace or recharge when needed. When it comes to taste, the FocusVape Pro S Premium’s Pyrex glass mouthpiece will bring you comfortable and flavourful vapour.

So there you have it, some great suggestions for the best performing vaporizers on the market. Before you make your purchase decision, think about what you are looking for in your vaporizer. Your new vaporizer will be your new best friend.

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