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KOKO Networks is Rolling out Clean Fuel ATMs in Nairobi

by Charity Mbaka
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KOKO Netoworks has begun the installation of automatic cooking gas vending machines.

The venture-backed firm has partnered with Vivo Energy Kenya to roll out the fuel ATMs. Vivo Energy is a licensed Shell vendor that supplies clean bioethanol fuel using its liquid fuel infrastructure, and delivers to about 650 “KOKO Point” Fuel ATMs across Nairobi.

KOKO builds hardware and software tools which enable it to deliver gas at much lower prices than traditional fuels such as kerosene or charcoal. In addition to the cheaper prices, KOKOs kits are more convenient, safe to use and are also environmentally friendly.

KOKO, which launched in Nairobi in 2019, has so far sold north of 50,000 cooker kits.

The firm, which has been quietly building up its network since launching last year, has so far sold more than 50,000 cooker kits in Nairobi.

KOKOs fuel ATMs are installed in local convenience stores around the city. They are refill points for customers whenever need arises.

CEO, Greg Murray, said KOKO’s mission is to imagine and deliver technology that transforms lives in the world’s fastest-growing cities such as Nairobi.

KOKO, which is still a relatively young company, has already secured close to 10% of the cooking gas market in some neighbourhoods. The firm is thus very optimistic about its growth in the near future.

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