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7 Best Programming Blogs Every Programmer Should Follow

Programming is one of the most interesting and popular fields in this modern world. There are hundreds of programming areas now and new technologies get invented all the time. From manufacturing and healthcare to transportation and marketing, programming is spread to almost every walk of life. But with the advance of technologies and trends flooding news feeds, it’s difficult to know who to read and who to learn from.

This is where programming blogs help. Programmers aren’t shy to share tricks, useful tips, and hacks on a regular basis that can help you master the chosen programming language or framework. As blogs are considered one of the best online resource for keeping up with the latest innovations, we recommend that you stay in touch with fellow programmers, bloggers and our java software outsourcing company ukraine.

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In this blog post, we have enlisted the top 7 programming blogs that every developer should follow to spread their wings in the programming career. 


Catonmat is one of the oldest and most popular programming blogs that we follow. The author of the blog isn’t shy to share his tools, tricks, and practices. The blog is filled with technical content rather than useless articles just to fill the blog feed. Catonmat focuses on publishing articles about Linux and web development and they are worth the time of programmers. Almost all the blog posts and articles published on the blog are based on personal experience. 

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Coding Horror

Coding Horror blog was started in 2004 by Jeff Atwood and even though it’s showing its age, it’s still entertaining. It’s filled with interesting and useful programming related articles and personal opinions of Mr. Atwood. All posts on the blog are easy to read and aren’t technical in nature. They can be consumed by anyone and can be read enjoyably even on a busy day at lunch break. This is the right destination for both beginners to find information about programming keyboards, multi-monitor programming setups, and building websites.

David Walsh Blog

David Walsh is a software engineer and a popular name among tech and programming bloggers around the world. Focusing mostly on web development tutorials and aggregated lists of top online resources for programmers and tools he has made his name heard. He mostly writes about personal experiences and stories to keep his audience engaged and entertained in the best possible way. He is also very quick to respond to readers’ comments on the blog to help them resolve their queries. For beginners, it could be the first choice to learn and hone their website designing skills greatly.

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This is the haven for JavaScript lovers as a lot of React, Angular, and Vue.js related posts and articles can be found on the blog. The founder of the blog Sai Gowtham is working on the blog with greater consistency to keep its audience updated with the latest programming and coding news. Almost 900+ posts have been published on the blogs that are a goldmine for both beginner and expert programmers to grow their careers in the web and software development industry. Writing tone and style is simply awesome that makes blog posts easy to read and understand. 

A List Apart

Looking for a platform to expand your knowledge and understanding of web development? A List Apart blog is the perfect destination for you as this programming blog covers a variety of topics related to web designing, web development, and web content. Here you can find cool and interesting tips & tricks on a regular basis to hone your web dev skills. The blog is open for web professionals and even content writers and designers.

Scott Hanselman’s Blog

Whether you are a C# expert or a beginner programmer, Scott Hanselman’s blog is the best place for you to get the latest updates, news, and trends in the .NET technology. Scott Hanselman is a teacher and has been blogging for over two decades. The core purpose of this blog is to empower both beginners and expert Windows programmers. There is a lot more on the blog that can also benefit .NET web developers.

Hacker Noon

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Fawad Malik
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