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Do People Still Use CB Radios? Truckers Only or Others?

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By Dan Kihato

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CB radios have been a trusted communication device for long distance truckers ever since they were first introduced into the market. As the name suggests, CB stands for ‘Citizens Band’ and is used by truck drivers amongst other users. It is a two-way communication device that allows you to talk to other truckers within the frequency range, depending on the power of your device

For most truckers, CB radios are like a trusted companion. The trucking profession is tiresome and forces one to spend long hours on the road alone. The loneliness truckers face while on the road creates the urge to talk to someone to relieve the boredom after being alone for long hours. CB radios come to the rescue in many such instances as a popular communication device for connecting with fellow truckers

Cell Phones Can’t Reach All Places

In many rural parts of the country, the reception signal for cell phones is either poor or totally unavailable. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding you are in a remote area without a cell signal therefore brands like Stryker Radios come in handy. When driving across such areas, CB radio comes to the rescue, providing you with a point to point communication. The other thing is that you might not be having the phone numbers of every other driver on your way. In this case, CB channel 19 can serve effectively to relay information to other drivers quickly, all the time, without the need of having their phone numbers. A notable highlight is that it doesn’t cost you a cent to use the service.

Hikers, Campers, and Hunters

Hikers, hunters, and campers often go far and deep into remote forested or mountainous areas where there’s the least cell phone coverage. They benefit mainly from CB radios in case of an emergency. Larger camping and hiking groups can also easily coordinate their activities with handheld CB radios. Similarly, hunters operate in remote areas and mostly need a quiet environment to operate. They have to ensure there are minimal possible distractions. Cellphones that give regular alerts and notifications are not ideal companions for hunters. This makes the CB radio an excellent choice.

In a nutshell, CB radios are still in use among truckers and other groups of people. Truckers find many useful applications for CB radios. Similarly, hunters, hikers, campers, and others that engage in outdoor activities still find important uses for CB radios.

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