Mettā Nairobi launches a 3-month challenge to support creative businesses post-COVID


Mettā Nairobi has launched its 3-month creative challenge to support creatives in uncertain times and support their sustainability post-COVID. The challenge will allocate Ksh 625,000 for the selected creative projects.

Dubbed The Creative Challenge program under the Resource Of Open Mind (R.O.O.M) powered by Hivos East Africa, the challenge targets five creative projects from fashion, visual arts, design, videography & photography, and online content production focusing on thematic areas of social-economic issues, and produced & disseminated through online channels.

Through the challenge, Mettā and Hivos East Africa aim to provide more opportunity to creatives outside Nairobi’s geographical area, Hence, creatives within the Nairobi Metropolitan areas aren’t eligible to apply.

Applications close on January 10th, 2021: Applications and additional information are available here: