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Sending Large Videos | Easy Ways to do That

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A very huge part of the reason why we invest in a high-end smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone, is to enjoy the perks of taking good photos and videos. We also want to then share these videos with our friends and family and sometimes on social media. 

Most of the time, these videos are too long to share via any medium in one go and even if they do get sent, we face quality issues. So, how to send large videos via our phones or over the internet without compromising the quality?

In this technology news article, our goal is to lay down the different ways in which you can use your iPhone or your Android phone to share large videos from anywhere. 

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How to send large videos via email?

Often times, you might be in a position where you have to send a large video over email. The first step to doing this is to simply compress your file. Compress the file and then save it in a zip folder. For sending purposes, simply send the compressed zip folder as an attachment in an email. 

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How to send large videos from your Android Phone?

The idea here is also essentially the same, compress videos. In Android video, however, you will do these through apps that are available on the Play Store. You will have to download any one of the 4 below and then use that to compress your videos and then send them via WhatsApp or any other chat service of your choice. 

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  1. WeTransfer

Welcome the god of all sharing apps on android out there. This app can help you save, share, and collaborate on all the media on your phone in ONE place. It can effectively save documents, links, videos, and photos, and other files as well. You can simply share the link of your file via any channel and the other person can as easily access your video. Have a try. 

  1. Send Anywhere

What does the name suggest to you? That’s right, this app can save up to 50 GB of data at one go and help you create links for data up to 1 TB. Use it over Wi-Fi technology with none of your video quality compromised. All you need is the 6 digit code on the other device and voila, you are free to share large videos to any device from your android easily. 

  1. SuperBeam

This one also relies on Wi-Fi technology to share files, but it makes use of QR codes. This is accessible on the desktop for the users that don’t have a phone to receive. All in all, it can save a good amount of data and transfer your videos without hurting their quality. 

Now, It’s iPhone’s turn: 

Best Ways to Send Large Videos on an iPhone: 

  1. iTunes

iTunes is used by most iPhone users to send and sync data between different Apple devices. This is the natural option for people that have iPhones and want to send large videos. 

  1. iCloud

Another option is iCloud. This is a cloud storage drive that any Apple user can use to sync their data and upload it. Once you have data uploaded here, you can simply share the link with any user that has access to the iCloud service. 

What are some other options out there that you can utilize for sending large videos to cloud? 

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most user-friendly and also easy pocket cloud services out there. You can upload large videos and then share the link with anyone with a Google account. It allows excellent options for organizing and sharing data without compromising on the quality. 

  1. Mega

Mega is also a great cloud service with free options for organizing and adding media. It allows to easily share video content as well 

  1. Dropbox

The most trusted for cloud storage after Google. It has excellent integrations with Gmail and other apps to allow cross sending on these platforms. 

Well, these were the many best ways in which you can send large videos using the internet. We are sure you will find something that fits your needs and helps you in sending large videos easily.

VPN for fast speed. 

If the ISP is deliberately making the internet speed slow, then the best way is to send videos through a VPN. It will minimize the issue of bandwidth throttling and solve the internet speed issue. Learn about the best VPN at the privacyonline for fast video sending. 

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