Safaricom Increases Bandwidth Speed For Their Customers At An Extra Fee


Safaricom will be increasing their bandwidth speed for their customers and at an extra fee.

Just when you thought your WiFi couldn’t get any better, than HD couldn’t get any clearer Safaricom gives us our very own valentine’s gift. As a Home Fiber customer I am excited to get up to 150% increment. This will mean that your videos will load faster from 1st March 2021.

In case you haven’t seen the new prices, see the image below:

The pricing is quite fair considering you will be getting more for basically the same amount you’ve been paying. The only difference will be for the Gold and Diamond subscribers who will have to add KSh 300 and KSh 500.

Though a lot more people have transitioned back to their normal lives, a number of people went digital especially after the pandemic. Several companies made their profits online so it does make sense that Safaricom have noted that this business is a goldmine that will probably help their increase their returns.

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