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Kenya Expected To Move Into The 5G Movement Soon

by Vanessa Waithera
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Kenya expected to move into the 5G movement soon.

Kenya is transitioning into a complete digital era and in a fast paced manner. The next big move Kenya could be taking is the rollout of the 5G which other countries like US and China have already deployed.

Communication Authority of Kenya has announced that it will soon unveil how they plan to deploy the 5G network which will thereafter be launched by the teclos in Kenya.

CA Director General Mercy Wanjau said:

“We are on the path to 5G together with the rest of the world, and are keenly watching the developments in the global market,”

She added:

“There are countries in Africa like Nigeria, South Africa and recently Zambia that are further along with deployment and we are learning from how they are doing it.”

The pricing, auctioning and implementation has not yet been decided but once everything has been decided and accepted by the authority then everything will be good to go.

There will also be guidelines put in place that will ensure that the resources will be shared equally and fairly. Evolving demands have come from Safaricom and Airtel who have interest in deploying the 5G in the country. Safaricom was initially meant to deploy the 5G network in 2020 but due to the pandemic they telco moved its focus on expanding its 4G network.

“The new spectrum guidelines are now undergoing stakeholder consultations to ensure we accommodate the views of the industry and the public,” the CA director said.

Airtel will also partner with Nokia as they get ready to host the 5G network though nothing is cast in stone yet.

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