Kenyans On Twitter React To The Hiked Fuel Prices

fuel price kenya

Kenyans on Twitter have been reacting to the hiked fuel prices.

Kenyans on Twitter have been complaining about fuel prices and as usual we deal with everything humorously and in a light manner even when really on the ground we’re all saddened by this fuel prices. In case you’re not aware the fuel prices have gone up due to rising crude costs in the global market and as a result everything else will go up, see the pricing below.

  • KES 122.81 per litre of diesel from Sh115.18
  • KES107.66. for a litre of super petrol From KES 102

These were some of the reactions people had:

1. Cost of living went up

2. Kenya compares us to Tanzania and Uganda

3. What happened to the crude oil in Kenya?

4. Unending tough economic times for the people of Kenya

5. Use a wheelbarrow

Its rather obvious that Kenya is becoming a lot more expensive as days go by and especially because we’re swimming in debt, what more could we really say?