MaasaiDuka platform empowers the Maasai by linking them with Purchasers

The Maasai artisans

MaasaiDuka is a social enterprise brand that links you with the villages, slums, and refugees’ craft workers. The majority of these craft workers live in vulnerable conditions. Purchasing items from them enhances the growth and development of their well-being as well as their sustainability. MaasaiDuka combines traditional crafts with the pieces created for you. This is entirely purposed to sustain the livelihood of the women and their families. Maasai people are talented when it comes to beading. They have even become famous for that for centuries now.

 The Maasai platform indicates prices for the numerous pieces. Items sold by the craft workers include:

Importance of MaasaiDuka.

The amount of cash earned by the ladies is not the main focus for Maasai Duka. How this money impacts the families is what matters. MaasaiDuka has visited the group members and assessed their poverty levels and the impact the project is going to benefit them. As a platform, the Maasai women have been able to express their dreams. Women in Maasai spend their lifetime collecting Firewood, supporting children, etc. Lack of power in their homesteads makes it, even more, harder for them. Every producer member has provided their own wish list of the pieces they aim to work on. MaasaiDuka team guides assist these women by advising them on how to save their earnings in a bank. Examples of the products they save up for include rainwater collection tanks, cooking stoves, and solar power kits. Maasai women also prioritize making sure that all their children attend school. Girls also get a chance to learn.

Core Principles.

MaasaiDuka does not only focus on selling the crafts items but generally empowering the Maasai Community. The Maasai community has experienced growth and development. Technology awareness has been of great impact to them.

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