How to Upload Photos from iPhoto to Google Photos

Google Photos, a free photo storage service, comes preinstalled on many Android phones. It has become so popular that even iPhone users, who already have iCloud Photos, want to use it. Fortunately, it’s also available on iOS, and it doesn’t discriminate in terms of features. What you get on Android is also available on the iPad and iPhone. 

We’ll show you how to transfer your iPhone photos to Google Drive in this article.

Here’s how to go about it:

There are two options for moving your photos. The first option is to do it manually, in which case you can back them up from your Mac or consider manually uploading them.

If you’ve considered using Google Photos to back up your entire library, the first step is to download the app Backup and Sync.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and copied it to your Applications folder, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined below to get it set up:

If you don’t want to back up your entire library, you can manually select the images you want to move to Google Photos. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

If you have moved selected photos on Google Photos and discover duplicate photos on your device, consider using Gemini 2, one of the best duplicate file finder apps for Mac. It assists you in locating and removing all duplicates, including similar photos.

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