AZA is a platform for your currency trading solutions.


Aza is an established provider of currency trading solutions. The aim is to accelerate global access to frontier market with use of innovative infrastructure.

Elizabeth Rossiello founded AZA in 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya. The startup has expanded to more than 10 countries across Africa and Europe. Rossiello has worked as a rating analyst for microfinance institutions across sub-Saharan Africa .She has done consulting for Grameen Foundation, Gates Foundation and the Acumen Fund. She has worked with regulators and policy-makers on legislation for financial innovations. Elizabeth co-chairs the World Economic Forum’s Council on Block chain .In addition to this she holds an M.A in International Business and Finance from Columbia.

Leveraging cutting technology in AZA’s flagship products enables AZA to lower the cost incurred during trading .They are also able to speed of business payments to and from frontier markets. TransferZero is a B2B2C product that provides wholesale currency purchase and retail settlement via their robust API.BFX is AZA’s B2B over –the –counter platform for businesses who have needs for wholesale currency. The paying partners and suppliers are encouraged to use this platform.

AZA is proud of their diverse workforce. They are nearly 50% of women at every level of the organization from nearly two dozen countries across Africa, Europe and North America. They also have created a conducive working environment that embraces and celebrates diversity .This diversity is not only in labels like ethnicity and religion, but diversity in personal experiences and professional work styles. It has been of benefit to Aza as they need a wide variety of perceptiveness and approaches in order to create and market the most and impactful.

For the last 6 years Aza has spent shaping and embedding the following core values: customer-Centricity, flexibility, accounting, teamwork and resiliency. High performance is valued by AZA as it places strong emphasis on concrete results by use of the OKR methodology to set quarterly goals at the company, team, and individual level. Employee’s achievements are regularly celebrated on slack. The employees are recognized so that they can feel motivated to do more.

Worry no more as AZA caters for all your currency trading solutions.