Laravel – why do developers love this PHP framework?


The framework is a programming platform that is the foundation of application development. This system defines the structure of the software being built, as well as the mechanisms of its operation. The framework provides programmers with many libraries and components that can perform specific tasks. Appropriate adjustment of particular elements allows the creation of a ready application, as well as to extend it. One of the most valued by developers’ frameworks is Laravel. 

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a framework designed to create web applications, written in PHP language. This system is based on the MVC (Model-View-Control) architectural pattern, which is a template for designing structures with a graphical interface. Laravel allows developing software with a dedicated dependency manager, to use tools that facilitate the implementation and maintenance of the project or to apply various methods of access to relational databases. The source code of this framework is available on GitHub, under the MIT license – which gives an unlimited right to use, modify, copy and distribute the program in source or binary form. There are both open source and commercial projects based on Laravel.

  Laravel advantages 

Laravel is an extremely clear and intuitive framework, which makes it accessible to developers. It provides access to the Artisan command-line interface, which eliminates the need to create code from scratch. All the most popular components can be created with a single command, making working with this framework fast and convenient. Laravel also has a system protecting created code against network attacks, which prepare the privileges of the logged user. Such a solution gives confidence that regardless of the structure, the application will be covered by adequate protection measures against hackers. Laravel is also distinguished by the availability of free tutorials, which allow you to better understand the basics of this framework. 

Development and growth of Laravel’s popularity in the world

The creator of Laravel is Taylor Otwell. The system was developed as an alternative to the CodeIgniter framework, which did not provide built-in support for user authentication and authorization. The first version was released in June 2011 and the second in September of the same year. The growth of Laravel’s user base and popularity came with the release of Laravel 3 in February 2012, when the framework gained new features, the Artisan command-line interface, built-in support for more database management systems or event handling The latest release of Laravel is version 8, which was released on 8 September 2020. It offers new features such as Laravel Jetstream, Tailwind CSS for paging views, and many other improvements.

What are the alternatives in the PHP framework world?

Besides Laravel, the PHP framework Symfony is very popular. It consists of independent modules that significantly speed up the application development process. Symfony has a very large community, whose members have so far implemented many scalable projects. Another interesting framework is Codelgniter, which is distinguished by lightweight and simple configuration. Its advantages include considerable freedom in terms of programming style, as well as high speed of work. An exceptionally easy and intuitive framework is also Yii, which allows for the generation of many objects and automation of basic tasks.