Friday, July 1, 2022
Friday, July 1, 2022
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Anker Soundcore Life P3: What the new AirPods competitors can do

by Joseph Richard
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With new in-ear earphones, the Chinese maker Anker needs to cope straightforwardly with Apple’s AirPods. The Soundcore Life P3 has exceptional active noise cancellation (AMC) and can be changed remotely. Did I mention that Anker Soundcore is available at a discount but only if you make a preorder purchase?

Soundcore Life P3: New in-ear earphones from Anker

With the Soundcore Life P3, Anker has presented new wireless earphones that need to separate themselves, most notably through dynamic and noise cancellation. Rather than basically impeding all surrounding noise indiscriminately, a few noises ought to be intentionally let through. As per the brand, this can be helpful, for instance, at the train station or air terminal to not miss significant announcements. Altogether, the Soundcore Life P3 has three noise wiping outmodes accessible.

In other areas, too, Anker’s in-ear headphones want to distinguish themselves. For better call quality during calls, a total of 6 microphones have been integrated. In addition, there is a gaming mode in which sound effects are particularly emphasized. According to Anker, a night of better sleep is provided by the sleep mode, which offers gentle ambient noise such as the sound of the sea. As usual with Anker, various attachments are included in the package so that the mini headphones also fit well in every ear.

For the battery, the manufacturer speaks of a runtime of up to 7 hours. The supplied charging case ensures a music playback of a maximum of 35 hours. Unlike its predecessor, the Soundcore Life P3 can also be charged wirelessly.

Soundcore Life P3: 25 discount for preorders

If you opt for the slight headphones in advance by 5 July and pay one euro, you will receive a voucher code of 25 percent at the market launch. Without the early bird campaign, 79.99 euros(KES 10,518) will be charged. The Soundcore Life P3 are for sale in five different colors.

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