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Chrome 92 launches: it Focuses to improve privacy and security

by Joseph Richard
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chrome 92

Chrome updates and goes to version 92. The browser offers better privacy, more security, and other improvements.

The most used browser in Kenya and around the world for many years, the software offered by the giant Google has very recently switched to version 92. An article in Chrome’s official blog focuses on privacy improvements, including phishing detection made faster.

Phishing fishing is becoming faster

This is the highlight of this new version of Google Chrome: the web giant has announced that its anti-phishing technology (a hacking technique that consists of retrieving personal information by deceiving the recipient of the message) is becoming faster and, consequently,,, more efficient.

According to Google, attempts are spotted up to 50 times faster than before the update, allowing for fewer CPU resources and less battery usage. Chrome’s energy gluttony is particularly pointed out on MacBook (among others), so let’s hope That Google is only at the beginning of its adjustments.

Clearer and more accessible privacy

We are not all privacy professionals, and it is not uncommon for Internet users to find themselves granting rights to sites that do not need them for the use we make of them. Access to the webcam on an online store, the position was given to a news site are, for example, not consistent and potentially dangerous for users.

Google has announced that it has improved this system: it is now possible to press the padlock located to the left of the site’s address being viewed to access the permissions granted directly. Whether on a computer or mobile, the operation is the same.

Interestingly, the next update of Chrome will allow you to delete the history of a site directly from the address bar so that you no longer have to dig into the browser settings.

Chrome Actions is improving, but not in Kenya for now

Since November 2020, Google Chrome also allows you to use the address bar to perform specific tasks. By simply writing “delete,” it is, for example, possible to access the deletion of the browser history. Chrome 92 adds to these Chrome Actions the ability to initiate the safety check by writing “safety check.” However, it will still be necessary to wait before seeing this feature arrive in Kenya.

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