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Transcreation and Translation in Advertising

by Intizar Ali
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Not too long ago, the word transcreation was becoming very popular in the context of translation studies. It immediately became a buzzword. Translation service providers, especially Danish Translation services, began to inculcate transcreation in their operational processes. The popularity of transcreation was opposed by many professional translators who believed that transcreation was just a term to stand out from the crowd, while fundamentally it was the same thing that they had been doing, i.e translation. 

In this article, we will try to elucidate the term transcreation and how does it fit in the field of translation

Understanding Transcreation

Transcreation is a terminology that is still being worked upon in order to expand its scope of explanation. However, in terms of marketing, transcreation has more of a practical perspective rather than a theoretical one. 

The term transcreation is described as the modification of marketing into the language of the target market. This concept explores the idea of altering the words but keeping intact the intended meanings, persuasive tone, and organization’s message and vision within the content. 

So in other words, transcreation involves alerting the original language but maintaining the commercial goal, so that the target consumer accepts the product offering and also understands the message being conveyed by the firm. 

Transcreation vs Translation

Specialists Writers

The level of research done in the process of transcreation has a lot more depth and detail, as compared to translation. For instance, if you are looking for an agency to provide you with transcreated content for the Serbian market, the best approach, in this case, would be to subscribe to Serbian translation services. They will hire professional copywriters rather than hiring a translator, because, in the specific job of transcreation, the aim is to make the target consumer understand the product as if they feel it was made specifically for them. Meanwhile, also maintain the commercial standpoint.  

Starting Point

The starting point of transcreation is a bit different from translation. In transcreation, the process starts with a creative brief. Hence, in this context, you need to provide professionals with the concept that you are trying to market for your product or services, rather than the text that needs to be converted to another language. 

So for instance, if you assign Lao professional translation services, to help you with penetrating your e-commerce website into a foreign market, it will not ask for the text that you already have on your website. Rather, it will try to understand the brand image, product description, what need it fulfills, and how it will adapt to the target audience keeping all the political, legal, cultural, social, economic, and technological aspects of the target audience. 


One important factor that organizations need to consider is that the process of transcreation is a lot more costly than translation.

The reason behind this notion is that a transcreation expert, relatively speaking, is a professional and trained copywriter. Hence, the money that they will demand from you would not be less than if not equal to a specialist translator. 

Moreover, the process of transcreation takes a lot of work hours, and it’s a very hectic job. The chances of error are very minute. And one wrong decision can ruin the reputation of the organization and may as well end its journey to penetrate foreign markets. 

Thereby, the stakes are very high, because the number of people involved in the transcreation process is greater as well. And they have to be paid a huge amount of money as well. Leading to a higher number in the overall variable and fixed costs.


Conclusively, we can state that both translation and transcreation demand time and effort. However, the job description of transcreation is a bit different from translation. This process involves a lot of creative work since the aim is not just to translate words anerd sentences from one language to another, which you can do via the help of any agency like Danish translation services, for instance. But in order to do justice to the process of transcreation, you have to conduct thorough research. In which the aim will be to maintain the commercial perspective, meanwhile, also enabling your product or service, if it is being sold via an online presence, to be accepted by the target audience. 

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