How to Use Telegram to Send Uncompressed Photos and Videos

It can be time-consuming to share photos from your vacation or party with friends and family.

You can’t just send those photos over social media or messaging platforms because the quality is never the same when it gets to the other end—this is due to the various image compression techniques used by online platforms.

No need to be worried! In this article, you’ll learn how to use your smartphone and computer to send high-quality uncompressed photos and videos to your Telegram friends.

How to Use Telegram Mobile to Send High-Quality Images

Here’s how to use the Telegram mobile app to send uncompressed images:

With these six steps, you can successfully send photos and videos on Telegram while maintaining their original quality.

On the Telegram mobile app, there is also another simple way to send uncompressed images:

Choose your preferred method for sharing beautiful images and videos from your phone without being compressed by Telegram’s online compression.

How to Use Telegram Desktop to Send Uncompressed Images and Videos.

Want to use Telegram on your computer to share images and videos without online compression?

To send high-quality photos saved on your computer, follow these steps:

If you want to send videos, follow the same steps as you did for images—except you won’t see the compress images option because Telegram does not compress video quality.

Many features on Telegram messenger are popular, and one of them is the ability to share high-quality images and videos. Telegram has several additional useful features that you should use to enhance your messaging experience.

What is the maximum file size for Telegram transfers?

You don’t have to worry about file size on Telegram because the messaging platform supports large file transfers.

Telegram allows you to share individual files up to 2GB in size, which is significantly more than other messaging platforms. As a result, uploading and sharing high-quality uncompressed images and videos on the platform should be a breeze.

Furthermore, the platform provides limitless cloud storage for your data. You don’t have to be concerned if you have a file on Telegram that you accidentally deleted from your phone. You can re-download it whenever you want!

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