SA fintech Ukheshe partners with emerging global fintech Chipper Cash to foster financial inclusion in the country.


Ukheshe Technologies, a ground-breaking local fintech, has partnered with Chipper Cash, a new kid on the block, to assist in the global fintech’s launch and execution of digital payment services and products.

Chipper cash plans to roll out free and unlimited peer-to-peer payments in South Africa, as well as other features such as the ability to buy airtime, data, and legally buy and sell cryptocurrency. Chipper’s service and digital payments are intended to revolutionize the local community.

The partnership will not only provide new fintech services to locals, but it will also enable efficient and secure financial transactions across the continent. Because it will use Ukheshe’s Eclipse API framework, the partnership seeks to work in harmony, allowing existing Chipper customers to use this function.

“Ukheshe’s Eclipse API provides access to payment technology, products and services – all from one convenient platform. The rapid shift towards innovative digital-first solutions is undeniable and we are thrilled to partner with Chipper, a company that shares our vision and enthusiasm for credible, seamless payment solutions that drive the payments revolution in Africa.”Said Clayton Hayward, CEO of Ukheshe.

Chipper Cash, a ‘rising start’ digital startup founded merely three years ago, has been named the continent’s “largest and fastest-growing payment app.”

Chipper cash allows customers to make immediate no-fee local and cross-border money transfers as well as cheap airtime purchases.Chipper Cash claims to have over four million users in eight African and European countries since its official launch.

With financial inclusion at the forefront of the aims of both of these startups, the partnership will build on fostering financial inclusion by creating accessible financial digital solutions for individuals in Africa

“The relationship between Ukheshe and Chipper aims to spearhead digital-first fintech solutions made in Africa to broaden access and financial inclusion for those who need it most. Our digital payment solution supports wallet functionality and will offer much-needed simplified payment solutions that allow users to send and receive cross-border payments safely, quickly, and efficiently, ” concludes Hayward.