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Netflix will soon allow users to play games on the application

by Joseph Richard
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Netflix yesterday declared its gaming service that would be accessible as soon as of today. Netflix users will be able to access the platform’s gaming collection for free starting November 3, 2021.Netflix’s journey into video games began last summer with an early launch in Poland and the acquisition of Night School Studios, the studio behind the popular indie game Oxenfree. Netflix’s gaming offer is becoming a bit closer to reality with the company’s formal debut for the rest of the world, which comes a little sooner than planned.

If you’ve been envious of Netflix customers in Poland, there’s good news: Both you and I can access the service officially from November 3, 2021, with a restricted portfolio of five games to begin with. Because the games available will not include in-app purchases, the offer is entirely free, with no commercials or additional costs.

What’s the best way to get Netflix Games?

Netflix Games will be available via the streaming platform’s app for Android tablets and smartphones. Users of the iPhone and iPad will have to wait a bit longer. Those using a Windows PC or a Mac are in the same boat. It will be sufficient to subscribe to Netflix and login to his account to use it.

To view the catalog, click on the main page or the Games tab. Choose a game to play, and you’ll be sent to the Google PlayStore to download it on your phone or tablet. It’s worth noting that all of the games will be accessible from all of the profiles associated with the same account, allowing you to play on many cellphones while keeping in mind that the number of permitted devices is limited.

Netflix’s gaming service will include five titles when it starts in France. The American firm wants to expand its portfolio as needed, stating that “this is only the beginning of the journey; additional additions and improvements are on the way.” Netflix will depend on the help of a large number of international studios to round out its offering. Meanwhile, gamers will be able to learn about:

  • Stranger Things 1984 is an action-adventure game that will transport you to Hawkins’ most prominent locations in an upside-down world. Solve problems based on the powers and weaponry of each of the heroes;
  • Stranger Things 3 is a beat them up from the third season of the show. You can play as one of twelve fictitious characters, either alone or in a local co-op.
  • Shooting Hoops: a skill game that combines darts and basketball and is only available to Netflix customers;
  • Card Blast is a card game that combines puzzles with poker. The objective of the game is to gather cards from a carousel and arrange them in winning hands.
  • Teeter Up is a skill game where you must manipulate a platform to guide a ball into a hole.

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