Apple is working on an augmented reality headgear that Is  as powerful as an M1 processor

Apple’s anticipated debut of an augmented reality gadget is generating a lot of buzz. This time Ming-Chi Kuo sheds further light on the situation. The firm intends to release its new product in the fourth quarter of 2022. Even if Kuo reveals more technical information, it’s unclear whether these are true augmented reality spectacles.

The computer would be equipped with two CPUs, according to the expert. One of them isn’t particularly powerful, so I’ll deal with the feedback and data from the various sensors. On the other hand, because we’re talking about performance comparable to an M1 processor, the other will be considerably more ambitious and fit for demanding jobs.

The AR glasses will have two Sony 4K OLED panels. There would also be at least six to eight optical modules whose purpose would be to show transparent interface components in augmented reality without obstructing the field of view. The AR gadget would function independently of an iPhone or Mac but with a large number of compatible applications.

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