WhatsApp Is Enhancing User Experience For Android Users By Adding A Drawing Tool


WhatsApp is enhancing user experience for android users by adding a drawing tool.

WhatsApp is enhancing user experience by adding several new features from improving camera settings to sending voice notes playing in the background. The Meta-backed company will soon add new drawing tools in its future update. There will be new pencils icon to draw on images or videos before forwarding them. There is an existing pencil feature but with the new update there will be two pencils one thinner and one thicker for a better drawing experience.

In addition, there will be a blur image tool also in future. The feature was discovered in WhatsApp beta for Android update but was disabled by default. The feature will be still under development and may be a while before WhatsApp releases it for beta testers.

Moreover, the WhatsApp for Desktop users will be getting new chat bubble colours.

The new dark blue colour will be visible while using WhatsApp in dark mode. The update available to Windows and macOS apps with WhatsApp beta for Desktop 2.2201.2.0 update will make the chat bubble seem greener. There will be colour changes in the char bat and background colour as well, reportedly a blue tinge.

In other updates, WhatsApp for iOS users will soon get notifications settings to manage which notification they want to receive-for individuals or for group chats and how to manage the notification sounds. Additionally, there will be a messages reaction information tab where users will get to see who reacted to the message and used which emoji to react.