How to Know if an Applicant is the Right Choice for Your Company


When it comes time to hire someone, you may find yourself amid a plethora of resumes and options. It can feel overwhelming, with the pressure on to hire the right person for the position being filled and the company as a whole.

One good way to keep track of candidates is to invest in onboarding software, which collects data from resumes and applications and keeps it in an organized way.

Otherwise, consider these things to determine if an applicant is the right choice for your company as you go through the interview process.

They’ve done their research.

It can take as much as slipping in a question about the company’s history, or something easily found on your website, during the interview to see if a candidate has done their research.

Candidates who are well prepared and well versed in your company before they have even become a part of it are quality hires. It shows they can take initiative, and that they would be a step ahead of they were to be hired and engrained in the company culture.

They’re honest.

Sometimes, interviews seem too good to be true – and they probably are.

You don’t want a candidate who is giving you answers to questions they think you want to hear. You want to look for someone who is honest in their answers, shows self-awareness, and isn’t afraid to talk about their flaws.

They can perform relevant tasks.

Part of the interview process might include asking a candidate to perform a task that would be part of the position they’re applying for.

This doesn’t have to be anything overly involved, but it should help them showcase skills you’re looking for.

They bring ideas to the table.

A candidate who actively expresses forward-thinking in the interview is likely to be a great fit. You want team members who will be constantly pushing to do their best, both for themselves and the company overall.

Ask how they see themselves excelling in this role and what they can do to improve upon it.

They’re great at communicating.

Gauging this skill starts at the onset of the interview process, when the application is sent in and the interview is scheduled.

Was the candidate prompt and clear in their response? Were they professional and courteous?

They ask good questions.

You should leave time at the end of the interview for the candidate to ask questions of you. Anyone who shrugs and says you’ve answered everything may not be a good fit.

You want to find a candidate who is curious, shows enthusiasm and a need to understand the company better.

If they do ask questions, are they insightful? Do they show genuine interest?

Trust your gut.

Sometimes all it takes is looking inward for your answer. If a candidate has performed well on paper and in the interview, but you’re still feeling off about them, trust that.

Bring in others who met the candidate to get their opinion. You may have noticed tiny red flags and could possibly validate that through the eyes of others.