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Fast and Furious movie ‘Fast X’ is now in Production

by Dennis Mathu
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Car enthusiasts and action movie lovers know the Fast and Furious film franchise, it resonates with all kinds of audiences. If you are among those who love and follow this super car oriented franchise, then we have good news, Universal Pictures just announced the 10th instalment, officially dubbed ‘Fast X’ is now in production with filming underway.

The movie was previously referred to as “F10” and “Fast10,” before settling for “Fast X”. As part of the franchise ritual, there’s always a new surprise actor joining the cast in every new instalment. Joining the cast this time will be Brie Larson of “Captain Marvel” fame and Jason Momoa from “Aquaman “. 

Vin Diesel’s star-studded cast will be returning but unfortunately, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson won’t, the character he was playing Luke Hobbs won’t be part of the story. 

Last year, the main character, Vin Diesel, said the franchise will end after the 11th installment, which is slated to premier in 2024. However, it won’t be the end of Fast saga. Diesel told MTV in 2020 an all-female Fast and Furious spinoff movie is coming. Also spinoffs like 2019’s Hobbs and Shaw, which starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham, could continue after the end of the original franchise. 

Fast X had been reported to be released in April 7, 2023, however, new reports point to a theater premiere date of May 19, 2023 just over a year from now. 

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