Fidia has launched a crowdfunding platform for African content creators.

A Nigerian startup called Fidia wants to change the content creation landscape in Africa by offering a platform for education, funding, and other forms of support called crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is one way for content creators to directly request support from fans who appreciate their work. With so many famous crowdfunding sites available to creators worldwide, it can be tough to discover one intended exclusively for Africans. Crowdfunding is not popular in this part of the world because growing crowdfunding awareness among typical creators is one thing, but building platforms that cater to Africans and their special demands is quite another.

The Fidia platform is a set of tools that help creators promote, grow, and monetize their work. A payment link is a crowdfunding mechanism meant to bridge the divide, allowing creators to get support from followers all around the world, with every function on the platform being crucial to every creator.

Fidia, a firm founded by three separate Nigerian creators, intends to promote economic empowerment among African content creators by allowing them to incorporate a business/funding model into their work. Soliudeen Ogunsola, Gbadebo Bello, and Ajibola Akelebe, the three co-founders, bring various skills to the table that have served to elevate their great idea.

Showcasing content/creativity is incredibly useful for creators and develops their credibility, which the Fidia creator profile does justice to, and creators seeking to sell their digital products can do so via Fidia’s product sites.

Users create a profile on the easy-to-use self-service platform and customize it with a username, bio description, and profile picture. From this account, you are able to monitor payments and other important metrics.

Fidia is hard at work creating an ecosystem for creators that embraces crowdfunding for creative work, as well as showcasing and growing creative businesses. With this vision, African creators can be confident that the bridge will be strong and unswerving.

Fidia is now available in Nigeria, but plans are in the works to expand to other African countries.

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