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The Redmi Note 11T PRO and 11T Pro+ are to be launched on May 24th

by Joseph Richard
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All of the rumors and leaks you had heard about have finally been proven. Xiaomi has officially announced that the new Redmi smartphone series will be unveiled next week.

If we depend on the leaks that have been out for some time now, nothing seems new. For example, we already know they’re on TENAA certifications under the code numbers 22041216C for the  Redmi Note 11T PRO and 22041216uk for the Redmi Note 11T pro+ smartphones.

Both smartphones will operate on Android OS 12 and MIUI interface 13 and feature a 6.6-inch display + resolution and a 144 Hz update. The Redmi Note 11T PRO will feature a 1300 mAh CPU, a 4300 mAh (67 GB) battery, and 6 GB/128 GB and 8 GB/256 GB of internal memory, while the Redmi Note 11T PRO+ will have an 8100 mAh processor, as well as 8 GB / 128 GB and 8 GB / 512 GB of internal memory.

While pricing is yet to be determined, we anticipate them to be significantly more than the Model 11. We, therefore, invite you to follow us on  May 24th, when we’ll reveal all the facts about the two smartphones.

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