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Evermerge how to build hero castle

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In Evermerge , building castles for heroes is an important challenge. Castles are the last stage of each type of building. Only 1 castle can be built for each type of building. Each castle requires different building resources . Sleeping Beauty The castle needs logs, and the castle of the cat in boots needs stone. In order to build a castle for each hero, a lot of building resources are essential. Here is how to build the Evermerge hero castle . I want to know more For information about evermerge, you can check Game TopN .

1. Construction of the Hero’s Castle

Unlike other types of items in the Evermerge game that require 3 identical items to merge and upgrade, castles require 4 identical items to merge.

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You need to constantly evolve and collect the first items in each castle chain , so it is very important to merge items through 5 elements , this rule also applies to the construction of houses, which saves time in collecting materials and resources .

Each lock has its own playground, so there is a need to open up new land, you have to place 4 houses with maximum pumping in each chain on the scene, click on the building to move , it will automatically stand on the scene.

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Once the 4 houses are placed, the final construction of the castle can begin , the castle construction takes 24 hours to complete , and to do this, 1 blue gnome will be used . In order to avoid interrupting the development process and the passage of temporary events, it is recommended that you use 1 red gnome or 3 blue gnomes for construction.

After completing the construction of the castle, the castle will bring extra income to the player in the form of animals , and you can breed animals on the mysterious island . The higher the level of the castle , the more rare animals you can bring. Each animal chain has its own castle, such as Sleeping Beauty’s castle is a leopard chain . The castle will also provide you with ingredients for recipes and other items. In addition , the interval between receiving gifts from the castle is 24 hours.

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2. Resources needed to build a castle

1. Sleeping Beauty Castle : Wood and Logs

2. Rapunzel Castle : Flowers

3. Thumbelina Castle : Lily

4. The Little Mermaid Castle : Coral

5. Peter Pan Castle : Moon Rock

6. Akron Castle : Forest Sprouts

7. Puss in Boots Castle : Stone and Brick

8. The Castle of Pinocchio : A Roll of Canvas

9. Sinbad Castle : Stone Bricks

10. Paul Bunyan Castle : Truck

11. Snow Maiden Castle : Leaves

3. Handling of remaining resources

After the hero castle is built , sometimes there are still some resources left, such as logs and other wood products, so what should we do with these resources ?

After building the castle, you can upgrade the castle, feeding the castle with shards from lower level buildings in the same family, like feeding the leftover wood to the wooden castle to upgrade it to a higher level. You need to increase the stars of the castle to level up and get advanced animals, in order to improve , you need to build the entire resource chain of the castle.

To increase stars, just transfer items to the castle, such as the cat castle in boots, it is built with stone chains, so whether it is a brick house or a mansion is suitable for improvement , the higher the building, the more experience the castle will get More, when you get enough experience in the castle , a star will be unlocked on it .

So everyone pump water as much as possible after the castle is built, because these remaining resources will not be useful in the future, so it is better to calculate everything in advance and feed logs on the last star instead of turning logs into houses.

If you have resources left over , then it is recommended that you collect them into a building and place it in 1 cell so the materials do n’t take up too much space.

The above will introduce you how to build the Evermerge hero castle. If you want more Evermerge related content , you can, here is a more detailed guide.

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