AMD Announces Ryzen 7000 Processors for January and February 2023


AMD CEO Lisa Su took the stage at CES 2023 to unveil the company’s plans for the future of its desktop processors. The announcement included the release of three “non-X” Ryzen 7000 models in January, as well as the release of three “X3D” models in February.


X3D Ryzen 7000s In addition to the “non-X” models, AMD also announced the release of three “X3D” models in February. The models, which have not yet been priced, include the 7800X3D with 104 MB of cache, the 7900X3D with 140 MB of cache, and the 7950X3D with 144 MB of cache. The standout model is the 7950X3D, which operates at the same frequency as the Ryzen 9 7950X but with a reduced TDP of 120 Watts compared to 170 Watts. The “X3D” models also feature a unique layout for their Vertical Cache, with the cache only present on one of the chiplets in each model.